Dennis distributes a special report entitled, “Dennis Gartman’s Not-so simple rules of trading” each His service is available through tmanletter. com. Picture. MXD 65+. Gold: George Condon – Donna Rathkamp Silver: Dennis Gartman – Janet Spanos Bronze: Oelando Salas – Pam Salas. EffectsIcon DesignLogo DesignVector AnimationInteractive DesignMotion Graphics. by Dennis Hoogstad Illustrated gifs and vector motion graphics animation.

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Please do you own due diligence as always! Invest in the direction of the intermediate trend.

Fortunately we are long only one lot, as we await the next upswing after which we will be forced to liquidate the long and go short on a down thrust. Avoiding capital gains taxes frequency has the opposite impact. If missed, perhaps a next day buy above the close of B9 filteype be an gatrman alternative.

Originally Posted by ecpinto Could you point me to some resources on Dunnigan on the Net With the addition of the TPO profile, I have forgotten some of the definitions of the acronyms used. But positions are full. An innate desire to learn as dennis result of a personality profile that includes: But after studying Mr Dunnigan’s examples, I found that the gaps did not matter to him and an upswing only relates to the previous bar – never mind the gap.

Dunnigan to my rescue?

I can imagine Billy D. There is a point downswing possibility not based on DOW and some other downside targets based on market profile structures. She came out just fine. Bear market corrections happen much faster and more violently than bull market corrections.


This gave rise to an upthrust with most TPOs occurring at the bottom of the VA range, marking a top of some kind. Use technical analysis and seasonality analysis to determine when to buy and sell. Instead we get an outside bar.

His efforts are not sabotaged by previous and recent unsuccessful efforts. Originally Posted by geosing My observation when this shows up is that the VA Gaps usually get filled, as the auction rotates to find the previous value area and control point below the gap.

Since I have no great hopes that the DOW method is going to give a reversal signal any time soon, the prudent thing might be to take advantage of any October weakness to get long for the intermediate term. Very few markets have consistent periods of seasonal weakness caused by a series of recurring events e. A DES at T9 has made its appearance.

Last week’s action is eerily similar. Well, put an order in the other day viletype a Dunnigan book.

ZeroHedge Search

Dog walking only after sun down, but heck of a suggestion Perhaps it will suffice to update this thread when there is something different Ideal for YM because 4: For some gqrtman, I am drawn to the old masters. It will take a reversal buy signal or a money management stop to liquidate these lots.

When examining potential equity positions, consider the size of ownership sennis by senior management. He may be putting in an appearance now. Cover S1 and S2 As you’ve implied, very simple stuff as long as you’re disciplined AND you trade the markets with a daily time frame or greater, with any time period less than daily being more in the hit and miss area although, like the McClellan Oscillator, if you know the bigger “daily” trend, price pattern set ups within Dunnigan’s methods will tend to work well for those who do day trade.


We need to wait for a downswing anyway before a reversal buy can happen.

Personal experience Dennis Gartman: Is the YM downswing over? If you are snickering, you are watching too much porn. The daytrading mindset is very dominant. This method follows garrman principle of “doing more of what is working and less of what is not” quoting Dennis Gartman. Yes, it was just a one day wonder. Each transaction should be supported by at least two of the three forms of analysis.

The market is giving us a heads up on a possible swing reversal with this “close, but no cigar” P2B. Good deal since we are swimming against the DJ30 tide. This swing chart helped me have some confidence in the Dunnigan method and stay in the trade. Also the low was only fractionally lower than the previous day.

Education – natural wave consulting

By the way, the positive was based off of the circled We have now a full line. Stick with securities that have good-to-excellent liquidity. Ideas for the following comments come from a variety of sources.