Some kind forum members suggested I do a Delftship tutorial:o So, here goes, but bear in mind its all self taught and I am no teacher O0. Tutorial 01 Delft Ship – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. user manual. Version. Homepage E-mail [email protected] net. Contact. Delftship BV. Vinkenpolderweg AV Alblasserdam.

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Next, select the points shown and move them to the same width as the transom: Now we can see the bilge line running from the stern towards the bow, with the beginnings of the chine starting to show.

This will allow us to see an uncluttered view of what we have so far. tutoril

Some kind forum members suggested I tutoroal a Delftship tutorial So, here goes, but bear in mind its all self taught celftship I am no teacher Ok then, after some thought I think a relatively simple hull to demonstrate how the program works is the best way, so, lets begin!

Select deck line and extrude by -4, same method as we used for the transom. Next click on the lines shown in yellow below, yours will be black but tutoeial yellow when you click on them: Before you try this, save your model, then have a play. Select all the points shown below, then, go to transform, move and enter Repeat that for the other out of line points, then turn off the control net to see the actual bow line.

What a pity to get disheartened due to too much haste! Keep up the good work Ian Here’s my current Delft’ project, a 30′ x 6′ fast steam launch design. In the profile view, left click and hold on one of delftahip control points that is out of line and drag it until the red line looks better.


Delftship Tutorial videos | Boat Design Net

Hello Icare, I have just downloaded your DS manual and have had time to take a quick look around. Again, select the points shown below and move them to the keel line: You then need to add an edge to join the new control points.

Once you are reasonably happy with that shape, we will look at putting the chine line in. And here with a nice bow shape at the deck. This wont allow us to produce nice faired lines around the bow, so, we need to add more control points in this area.

Delftship tutorial

You need to be cautious about how many more control points you add, as the more there are, the more difficult it tutorjal to get nice fair lines, unless you have the pro version of course.

Next, deselect the options shown with white arrows, and select the one shown with the red arrow. I’m gradually getting the shapes I want but as you say I deelftship in a rush and I’m not using the best techniques I’m sure.

Powered by Kunena Forum. Insert new points and connect them as before, then crease the new lines to give you: Then futorial the new chine line until you are happy with it: You can see that as the line changes curvature, the pink lines get larger or smaller depending on the curve.

I hope this will help you. You have first to understand that for designing a ship you need tktorial master two things: Now, I think we should refine the shape of the deck a little, then we can refine the hull shape between deck and keel: Is there a basic beginners tutorial that I can access? You should have something similar to this: Feel free to use, to correct, to modify, adjust and to offer this manual to download.

That will come later. This will close the transom back to the centreline: Do the same with the next horizontal line up, assign the value 4.


Boat Design Net does not necessarily endorse nor share the view of each individual post. The y values I used at the transome was the distance the point furthest away from centre was at the aft end, this moves the extruded aedge to the centreline and created the transom.

Then, when you’ll begin really working on you real project, you’ll already know all the “how-to” of this great tool. You will see below that I have split two control lines, the new points are in yellow: The z values used for lowering delftshup deckline were arbitrary values just to make it look ok. You should have this: Very first introduction video is here: Dflftship the deltship layer properties, you will get: Hi IcareThanks for that. Hi Ian Thank you very much for this tutorial it’s most helpfully.

Delftship Tutorial videos

Forum tutoriap represent relftship experience, opinion, and view of individual users. How to make a Bowthruster quequenMay 21,in forum: Hey, I am admin of this facebook page Naval Architects https: The more I do the more I learn. Select the five points shown and give them a z value of 2. Ok, I lost a little accuracy with the pantograph, but I didnt have access to a printer big enough for A3 paper and the local printshop has shut down Ian.

With the control net off and the hull shaded, you should have something like this: I have moved my perspective view a little, yours may be different in this window. I have put a plan as a back round in Delftship.

Getting the shape we want at deck level will make it easier to shape the rest of the bows later. Many thanks for any help Owen. tuhorial