De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) is a ruleset for table-top miniatures wargames for the period BC to AD. It is the big battle development of De Bellis Antiquitatis. As its name implies, it is aimed primarily at simulating large battles. The rules allow armies to be chosen from published Army Lists (in 4 books, ( DBMM is Phil Barker’s intended successor to DBM). Phil started to develop DBMM which he intended to be the successor to DBM. DBA, our intent is to provide the simplest possible set of wargames rules that. Wargames Rules for Ancient and Medieval Battle DBMM is a radical development of DBM, retaining many structures and procedures and much of the basic.

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De Bellis Multitudinis

Good going, of relatively bare gentle hills [GH], or cultivated open fields [F], or water features, boggy ground or marsh frozen by cold weather.

BOATS, including all primarily rowing vessels without rams. There will be a progressive loss of order as the battle progresses unless efforts are made to remedy this. A general commanding a contingent sent by another nation is always an ally general. Portable Obstacles [PO] include the stakes of English longbowmen, chains used to protect Turkish artillery or fasten War Wagons together, and camels tethered in front of Moorish foot.

Repulsed from close combat in good going against foot except Psiloi.

[TMP] “DBMM Rules And Army Lists” Topic

Dvmm it was 2, 4 or 6, the moon is already risen at sunset and sets at the end of his first night bound after that corresponding to his score. This simulates invasions delayed by organizational problems or weather or a battle avoided by the defender ruless late in a campaign.

Inaccurate and unreliable, their bullets could penetrate even heavy armour and the novelty, unprecedented noise and smoke could frighten men as well as rulfs.


However, if it moves backwards i. No troops can shoot that marched, fled, routed or are wading. If only half the edge is currently in contact, the attacker is overlapped.

Repulsed by Knights in own bound, foot or train if its player chooses not to recoil. The 4 ranks of men represented by an element of spearmen occupy only 4 paces of its 30 paces depth and the leading men of an opposed element of skirmishers may be 30 paces back from its front edge.

The main purpose of what Duncan is doing dmbm to give the differences in the old lists, vs the newly released ones.

De Bellis Magistrorum Militum Version 2.1

This page was last edited on 8 Augustat Combat is not evaluated in terms of casualties received and inflicted. In addition, any element that is neither manning a fortification nor of light troops or Baggage counts as overlapped in an enemy bound if a battlefield edge would prevent a real or hypothetical enemy element moving into, or recoiling from, an overlap position.

Reports of test games are still welcome.

If enemy on a bridge are facing in another direction, Boats can choose to fight them or pass under. Straggling elements are lost if their command is already broken or was driven back. Risk of Snow in Cool or Cold if winter. Both sides accordingly have some say in terrain placement, but the defender has most. Dusk is the period after sunset.

War Wagons except S cannot shoot from a front edge if they moved. War Wagons, Artillery except Sland Baggage. Combat counts as in the going on its edges.

The other side then arrived, deployed and usually but not always initiated the combat. BUA unless on a hill. You need not declare army composition to an opponent, nor tell him things he should be able to deduce from your figures though it is usually courteous and sometimes quicker to do so.


If it is impetuous and dbmm twice as many as enemy shooting at it, it must press forward. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page. Note that all artillery can now shoot in rhles enemy and friendly bounds Shooting While Moving Artillery and Boats X cannot shoot if they moved this bound [a pivot is a move] or are routing.

DBMM-1 – Free Download PDF

I’m looking forward to reading the rules myself and getting to try them in a game. An unladen naval element cannot be moved and does not recoil. Thank you for interesting in our services.

Destroyed by Blades, Warband or Auxilia S if in enemy bound. Elements in edge contact with enemy cannot dismount and cannot remount with a tactical move, ruoes do so automatically if fleeing or routing. Book 1, lists 4, 37, 39, The maximum and minimum numbers of elements other than generals and of PF, TF or FO sections permitted by the army list are halved and rounded up.

Static, such as tented camps or draft animals tethered in the centre of a wagon lager. Troops are aware of any enemy who: The army lists are designed to produce armies of points in size organized in commands.

Stragglers Any elements arriving by land that fail to move on to the battlefield in the bound of rulws are straggling. Flee if in difficult going. A smaller flank march is driven back. Rather than confine testing to a limited group, DBMM has been available both on my web page www.