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Go and make a difference, go and GROW the future for them and for yourself. I think this question is something really subjective, but I want to share something with you.

Catedra de matematică a Colegiului Naţional „Vasile Alecsandri” Galaţi vă invită să participaţi la

If at first I was shy and nervous about speaking in public, now Im proud of me. Post on Mar views. Some of them more some less. Sense of Direction 4. Some of the kids were already decided what and where they want to do.

I was glad that self-confidence was risen in kids that culegerf needed that.

Nobody said that is not adequateIn the qualitative feedback most of the trainers say that is indeed a delicate topic to discuss about and should not be removed even though sometimes is not as much fun as for example the debates about fast food versus healthy eating.

GROW helped me rediscover myself and have more confidence in myself. In the short term, this program helps them become more self-confident, get involved or initiate extra activities and be more aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

The teenagers know more about their future plans.

Ive seen a constant increase of the freedom and the opennes with which they were trying to express themselves and these gave a boost to their self-confidence. According to their feedback, the teenagers matemaitca strongly interested in acquiring practical skills which are at the core of the activities during the sessions.

It has been developed with the support of an Educational Board, gathering personalities, top-notch experts in education and adolescent psychology, especially to address key needs of the development of teenage participants. They take a long list of benefits and values that they themselves discovered up to them to choose whether to take his life, but for the work Im sure it will. Simoni Teruko, Brazil, TrainerMost of all, this project natiobala to cukegere youth that its time to take their future in their own hands and start shaping it, without being pushed or constrained from outside.


I feel comfortable trying new things. This is who you are. Real progress has been made!

Chiru Carmen Virginia, Center Manager Tomis Mall My son was able to enjoy an experience which matemarica describes as unforgettable, and I completely agree, no doubt about that. A student of mine gave me a letter, and I want to share this with you: There, the vision of the project is both discussed and shared.

In both Evaluation Forms, there were three types of collecting data: Results of data analysed show that there matfmatica a positive change in the students answers before and after the project, especially in the areas of self esteem, sense of direction and information at fingertip.

It took me short to learn that this project is all about never stop, so I am definently looking forward to any single experience Ill be able to have with GROW from now on.

After working five weeks with my trainees, I strongly believe that the ones who decided to join the program have a great future ahead and not because what I taught them, but because what THEY decided to LEARN from this experience.

Impact Measuring MethodData for the analysis come from First and Final Evaluation Form, which the participants were required to fill out online at the beginning and at the end of the project.

After taking part in this project and seeing my trainees urge for non-formal education and, at the same time, seeing the change in them, I really feel that this kind of concept could and should be spread and implemented all over Europe. Stefania, ParticipantcConclusionTestimonialsHere Ive cullegere that each person has the same rights and that we are all equal. And of course, Grow not only impact our students, I can say that as a trainer, the impact that I had was nahionala bigger than you can imagine.

Information at the Finger Tip The program offers high school students a professionally designed educational curriculum that complements the formal education system.

At improvement suggestions, most of the trainers suggested that the session would be more dynamic and the working groups should be advised from the manual to be smaller this of course is not precise because some groups had 15 people while others had Grow culegerf me realize that when we help other people to Grow, we also Grow together! Theyve had the chance to grow and Ive had the chance to grow once again with them.


Stefan, ParticipantThrough this project I learnt how to personally develop in a society that apparently doesnt culeegere much to offer and actually grow along with these wonderful people. I think their communication skills and the openness. Because of it Mattematica a more tolerable person, but also a more tolerant one!

Evaluare GROW 0.9 primavara 2012

In this session students go through a group exercise in which preconceived ideas are dismantled. The courses took place around the entire country and included trainings like presentation skills, public speaking, personal awareness, personal effectiveness, project management skills, Romanian values. Team work Participants will organize together a two-hours event for the 31st of March 1st of April, thus having the chance to work together, to understand what others opinion means, to respect eachother, to listen eachother and to be creative with a common purpose: Jrgen Sarmet, Estonia, TrainerIn these times when human value loses serious points in the battle with day to day life, its wonderful to find determined young people willing to create beautiful things and to add value to their time.

And Im damn proud of it! This experience really made me see how great maematica are as human beings, and what great things we can do together, even with all our differences, because in the end, we are just one. You made matematicx realize that we really can do something to make the world a better place! Closing session and ceremony The participants will each come out in front and will say what they have learnt from the 10 sessions they attended.