Buy The End of Human Rights UK ed. by Costas Douzinas (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. The End of Human Rights by Costas Douzinas. Oxford: Hart Publishing, , pp, hbk £33, pbk £ Costas Douzinas’s impressive latest work is both a. Book Review. If God is Dead, then Thank Goodness for International Law: A Review of “The End of Human Rights” by Costas Douzinas. Place of publication: .

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How to write a great review. Other people, groups, douainas the law are aspects of our identity, the supports and constraints of our radical openness to the world. Lecturers in China and farmers in India will demand to earn as much as those in Helsinki or Southern France, something that can only be done through a substantial reduction in the Western standard of living.

The End of Human Rights

But the progressive legalisation of existence, in which many aspects of life become rights, keeps undermining the unity of self. For phenomenology, again, the ego acquires knowledge through the intentionality of consciousness and its adequation with the phenomenal world.

Its signs are everywhere. In the process of constructing legal subjects and of making humans, rights split and rebind body and self in a way analogous to the technological — whether biological, genetic or cybernetic — manipulation of bodies and selves. The protester, the rebel, the melancholic lover or the new age traveller belong to a long and honourable lineage; the 18th century revolutionaries, the 19th century political reformers and the 20th century economic, social and cultural protesters share the common determination to proclaim and thus to bring into being new types of entitlements against received wisdom and the law.

It is in no sense a textbook, but no student of human rights, scholar or activist can afford to ignore it.

Melbourne University Law Review

If you wish to buy a standard text book on human rights it is easy to find a million examples lining the virtual shelves of bookshops. The introduction of the Human Rights Act has led to an explosion in books on human rights, yet no hhuman examination of their history and philosophy exists in the burgeoning douainas.

At the time of their birth, in the 18th century, and again in the popular uprisings of the last decade, human rights became the dominant critique of the conservatism of law.


The declarations set out the universality of rights but their immediate effect is to hunan the boundless power of the state and its law.

A Very Short Introduction.

Using examples from recent moral foreign policies in Iraq, Rwanda and Kosovo, Douzinas radically argues that the defensive and emancipatory role of human rights will come to an end if we do not re-invent their utopian ideal. Free movement does the same with legs and feet, which are allowed to move in public spaces while the rightz person is not given a right of abode. Developing states that import Hollywood films, Big Macs and the Internet also import human rights willy-nilly. The continuous flight of meaning, which creates ever-new rights, could perhaps be anchored on an ethics: The common reference to values will not stop their polemical use, as coshas Milosevic trial clearly indicates.

Buy the selected items together This item: The impossibility of fulfilling desire leads into ever-increasing demands for recognition and every acknowledgement of right leads to a spiralling escalation of further claims.

Internationally, the New Times after the collapse of communism have elevated human rights as the central principle. Linked with that is the recognition that human rights have the ability to create new worlds by continuously pushing and expanding the boundaries of society, identity and law. Critique as Critical History. It follows that as human rights become the lingua franca of the New Times but are unable to eliminate conflict, the formal struggle over human rights will revolve predominantly around their interpretation and application.

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A minimum of humanity is what allows man to claim autonomy, moral responsibility and legal subjectivity. Idea Of Civil Society.

A Review of”The End of Human Rights”

Community, on the other hand, is the condition of human existence, but communitarianism can become even more stifling. They do not have rights because they are not part of the state and they are lesser human beings because they are not citizens. Let me turn to the world order that emerged at the turn of the 20th century. The end of history, ideology, utopias and grand narratives have, among others, willingly been proclaimed by xostas in different historical epochs.

See all free Kindle reading apps. The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism. Add both to Basket. At the same time, while human rights have triumphed on the world stage as the ideology of postmodernity, our age has witnessed more violations of human rights than any previous, less enlightened one. His basic argument is that notwithstanding the contradictory and paradoxical existence of human rights in practice when taken hostage by dozinas and liberal jurisprudence, we should not abolish their great aspirations so close to their “final” victory.


The End of Human Rights is therefore not a bland nihilism, but “a critique of legal humanism inspired by a love of humanity”, to use the author’s own words.

You submitted the following rating and review. Thus, according to Douzinas, the future of human rights lies in disentangling them from the State politics of human rights and morality, evidenced in an array of political constructs hyman from international legal instruments to NATO’s intervention in the Kosovo War in the name of human rights.

In a more political vein, see generally the recent collection, Tony Evans ed hman, Human Rights: The Terms of Order.

Part Two examines the philosophical logic of rights. An Introduction Mark Tebbit No preview available – Actually, Costas Douzinas is in search of a critical reinterpretation of, broadly speaking, the liberal subject of human rights, if it costae to survive its own success and role as the triumphant utopia at literally “the end of history”, the temporal symbolic historical closure occurring after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In both instances, positivised human rights and legalised desire — based on the fear of the other — coincide, and their world and self-creating potential are extinguished. You’ve successfully reported this review.

But the discovery, or rather the invention, of the concept of nature challenged the claim of the ancestral. This article has no associated abstract. At the same time, while human rights have triumphed on the world stage as the ideology of postmodernity, our age But this is an empirical universality, based on the competitive solidarity of sovereign governments and on the pragmatic concerns and calculations of international politics.

A second paradox characterises the theory of tge rights.