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The shallow depth of the orebody makes it amenable to open-cast mining. The specimen probably collided with a car when using the area for foraging. Improper industrial and domestic waste disposal and poor understanding of local hydrogeology lead to contamination of Hidden River Cave in the early s. Based on the characteristics evaluated, the MP treatment was the most appropriate for animal production and conservation of marie-frnce Pampa biome.

Arsenic As speciation in surface and groundwater from two provinces in Argentina San Juan and La Pampa was investigated using solid phase extraction SPE cartridge methodology with comparison to total arsenic concentrations.

Two different geographic scales were considered in this study. The purpose of our study was to detect anti-Brucella spp.

ARCILLA – Definition and synonyms of arcilla in the Spanish dictionary

The orebody is located in fluvial sandstones of the upper Elliot Formation. Mineralogical and sedimentological approaches.

Locomotor activity of Phalerisida maculata Kulzer Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae on Chilean sandy beaches Actividad locomotora de Phalerisida maculata Kulzer Coleoptera, enebrionidae en playas arenosas chilenas.

Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to appraise the physicochemical properties of mangrove sediments and their influence on neoichnological properties produced by different crab species from Korangi Creek S1 and Sandspit backwater areas S2 and S3, Karachi. Cryostratigraphy and sedimentology of high-Arctic fjord-valleys. SLD is installing radiation detection equipment to screen export, import, and transshipment containers at these locations.

An assignment centered on reading journal articles and writing abstracts is an effective way to improve student reading and writing skills in sedimentology and stratigraphy laboratories.

Fast sedimentation technique and direct examination of stool samples were used to taeniosis diagnosis, and ELISA are used as screening test to cysticercosis, positives cases were confirmed with immunoblot. The evaluation of the effect of land use change on accumulation of soil organic carbon SOC requires reliable data obtained from georeferenced sites with land use history records.


Full Text Available to marine sedimentation; the synthesis of palaeo-oceanographic and palaeo-geographic models applicable to the geological record, and; the prediction of expected variations in sedimentological and other trends in the South African marine environment.

The set of work has been with a Spanish language course, with a participation in study group meetings regarding geographical thinking history, with teaching and methodology search, with a presentation and publication of marie-rance reflections in scientific events.

For instance, differentiating channel sandstones, heteroliths and mudstones within proximal environments from those of distal facies is difficult if interpretations rely solely on well marie-francs signatures.

Elevations of the now inverted channels above their deflated desert surroundings marie-francs used for calculating deflation rates, and reservoir porosity-permeability characteristics of similar ancient deposits are considered.

Overall, the monthly variations of vegetation canopy growth analysed using environmental changes air temperature, total rainfall and total evapotranspiration were similar.

This paper systematically summarizes carbonate sediment studies in Seribu Islands and its dominant oceanographic configuration to provide insights and a sense of research direction in the future.

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The bioturbated and herringbone cross stratified conglomeratic sandstones indicate shallowing to pa marine environments. The soils belong to the Ramallo Series Vertic Argiudoll and its eroded phases. Na praia dissipativa, M.

Essentially, these problems fall into two groups: A new caeculid species Andocaeculus caioi sp. Since the UWL thickness in the human intestine is believed to be about forty times smaller, it is critical to correct the in vitro permeability ucra for the effect of the UWL. At higher values of this product, the turbulence becomes insufficient to maintain the sediment in suspension, as first pointed out by Knapp and Bagnold.

Molecular detection and identification of hemoparasites in pampas deer Ozotoceros bezoarticus Linnaeus, from the Pantanal Brazil.

The well sections comprise cross-bedded sandstones, heteroliths coastal and lower shoreface and mudstones that were laid down in wave, river and tidal processes. Traditional reservoir engineering methods, using averages permeability values, only prove acceptable in high-permeability and low-heterogeneity zones. Therefore, limited hydrologic data are available resulting in limited water-resources assessment. In the first part, after a brief description of the methods used, a petrographical survey of the rocks of the upper layers of calcareous schist of the Boko-Congo area is given as well as sedimentological conclusions and stratigraphical data.


The Andatza coarse-grained turbidite system westernmost Pyrenees: The use of sedimentological reservoir analysis techniques adapted from standard oilfield practice can improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of the evaluation of groundwater aquifers and the design of restoration programs.

During the summer, Embernagra platensis ingests Hymenoptera and Coleoptera more often than seeds, suggesting that two biological mechanisms could be taking place in this bird. Wetlands of the central region of the PampaArgentina: Subsistence in Eighteenth-century Buenos Aires. Studies carried out in the beach located in south central Chile show that differences in the tidal range neap vs.

Sedimentology is of increasing importance in environmental research, particularly environmental pollution studies, where past trends in environmental processes need to be combined with data on present conditions to predict likely future changes—the past and present as a key to the future.

We analyze the mechanisms of the state to control cattle theft and the social actors involved in stealing, commercializing, and transporting cattle, to make more complex the interpretations that only associate this crime to subordinate sectors of the society of La Pampa.

Modeling distribution of Schinus molle L. Los cambios en los procedimientos para relevar la pampa anterior We carried out a hypothesis marje-france of comparison of mean values, test F and test t, and finally calculated the relative deteriorations. These patterns were evaluated with robust analytical models rather than identifying the main factors that influenced the fluctuations. Reproductive biology of the pampas deer Ozotoceros bezoarticus: Results show that, in the composite sequences, peat accumulation in the seaward parts of the study area predominantly correlates with early transgressive sequence sets TSSwhile in more landward areas it correlates with the middle TSS to late highstand sequence sets HSS.

Inside the town walls, these materials were pedogenized and nowadays are largely cultivated around and within the archeological area.