Twenty-year-old Leah’s been in a state of collapse since her boyfriend’s fatal accident. His aunt swoops in and saves her by providing a rent-free place to stay in. Read Come See About Me by C. K. Kelly Martin by C. K. Kelly Martin by C. K. Kelly Martin for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone . C.K. Kelly Martin, who’s written several marvelous young adult novels, couldn’t find a traditional publisher for her first book for adults, Come See.

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For me, this is a testament of Martin’s writing skills. Leah and Liam have a very intimate relationship, and it’s from that relationship where the character growth occurs. Just like I wish we c.kelly have seen more in general because I’ll admit, at slower points in the book, I was tempted to skim. Perhaps the author wanted to keep the realism factor high, but most of what Leah discusses is very typical, day-to-day kind of stuff.

It could seem lurid or trashy that there’s significant amount of page time devoted to the pair’s hookups, but it’s not at all. The prose is pitch perfect, this c.k.kel,y blend of simple and straightforward with some poetic turns of phrase sprinkled throughout. Heavens, no, I do not demand that every author decides to kill off her heroine’s perfect – and I do not mean sunshine pretty with a later to be discovered rotten core, but considerate and sexy and mratin with realistic flaws – boyfriend right in chapter one to have her quickly spiral downhill.

Published by Create Space first published June 6th I’m long out of college and I’m not going to lie – my eyes goggled a few times while reading marin.

Come See About Me is the sort of contemporary adult fiction I’m always c.k.kelyl to read, but what doesn’t seem to exist in the marketplace. I’m so used to seeing couples in books heal one another that it was such a pleasant surprise to see good-old time and thought heal Leah.


Ivy Book Bindings: Review: Come See About Me by C. K. Kelly Martin

Of course as the reader you can see their feelings weaving together under the surface into something more. Not at all romantic.

Gifting of the Kindle edition at the Kindle MatchBook price is not available. The scene where she asked Bastian out was sweet by comparison. It’s this shelter, sense of anonymity and freedom from many of her obligations that allows Leah to finally get over her grief and move on. The French film Blue dealt with a woman whose husband had died.

My father’s death as a child was confusing because I never knew him. She’s also written in such a sex positive manner, that even when people were making mistakes no one was demonized, and sex itself was never presented as an issue.

I think the only time I came close was when Dobby died in Harry Potter, and that lasted for moments. However, a dental emergency necessitates her finding a part-time job and a repeated chance encounters with Liam, an Irish actor from a Fair City-style television show, who’s hiding from his own life that disintegrated in a very public manner back home in Dublin, slowly draws Leah out of her reclusion.

Initially Leah keeps to herself, with no energy for anyone or anything else, but it’s not long before her nurturing neighbors begin to become fixtures in Leah’s life and a much needed part-time job forces her to interact with other members of the community. I was so excited about this book because I love Martin’s writing so much.

This book came highly recommended to me by one of my good friends, and it’s mr why. That absence is what drives me to YA when I want a contemporary read. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Come See About Me by CK Kelly Martin

Although it was a little open-ended it leaves you a reassuring feeling that Leah is indeed finally moving on and that everything is going the way it should be. We get to see straight into Leah’s head, her character development, her wants and needs, which is great and ideal for the purpose of the story, but I also feel like because of that, we miss out on a lot.

Martin, however, never compromises Leah or Liam’s troubles for the sake of the other. I usually end up enjoying myself. I understand why the story was more told to us than shown, but that’s just something I’m turned off by as a reader. When you aren’t sure you want them to hold your hand through it all because you DO have to figure it out yourself.


It’s absolutely special and has lingered with me. Her boyfriend is dead, she is sad. But she did have that, somewhat. The protagonist is in her early twenties and is experiencing debilitating grief for the first time.

And boy was it was heartbreakin 4. Sunday, November 24, Review: Return to Book Page. Rachel, just to clarify, Leah’s boyfriend is killed by a car while crossing the street. So obviously I couldn’t wait to read her tackling an adult book. I’ve been reluctant about picking up this book, but now I see that i missed something really good. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t finish it, and I’ll try to explain why. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Mari November 24, at 9: I really, really enjoy C.

Luckily for us, Martin couldn’t keep to herself the story of Leah, a young woman who’s life has wholly stalled following the death of her boyfriend, Bastien, who was killed while crossing the street in Toronto. This story is a character driven story and they are incredible. Kelly Martin, who’s written several marvelous young adult novels, couldn’t find a traditional publisher for her first book for adults, Come See About C.k.keoly.

To ask other readers questions about Come See About Meplease sign up. Was I suppose to break down and cry on her shoulder? Not his memory, but him. I even liked the half-open ending, although I am kind of partial towards completely vague but hopeful ones like the one in Holier Than Thou — another New Adult novel I wholeheartedly recommend.