Learn how to send plain text and html emails with ColdFusion in this Free Open Source training course For sending emails ColdFusion provides the cfmail tag. cfmail to = “recipient” from = “sender” cc = “copy_to” bcc = “blind_copy_to” Added several configuration options to the ColdFusion MX Administrator Mail. The problem with this is that you can use ColdFusion’s CFMail tag to send to multiple recipients by using a comma-delimited list of email.

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Granted what I found was frombut I can’t find anything later saying that this can be done. These values override the corresponding attributes, if any. A common value for this attribute is Through the optional type attribute, you can indicate what the MIME media type of the attachment is; with the optional disposition attribute, you can indicate if you want the attachment to be presented inline “inline” or as an colxfusion “attachment”:. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Text emails are simple and coldfusjon, but sometimes you need more control over the presentation of your email, such as with a newsletter or a promotional email. Name of a query column that contains an address, for example, ” EMail “. For example, the following line specifies one server, mail. If a delivery error occurs when this option is No, ColdFusion generates an Application exception and logs the error to the mail.

Pages that use this option might cildfusion slower than the ones that use the No option. A user name to send to SMTP servers that require authentication.

Samples uses of CFMAIL

A user name to send to Ccoldfusion servers that require authentication. In order to accomplish this, you need to colddusion any other “from” account you plan to use within your application as an alternate address within Google Mail. Post as a guest Name. Create a ew Mail object. To view the undelivered emails, open the ColdFusion Administrator. To group on case-sensitive records, set this attribute to Yes. Added the following attributes: A common value for this attribute is HTML and Text Email The best way to make sure that the recipient of your email will receive the right version for his email client is to send both a text and an HTML version of the email.


After searching around, it is my conclusion cfmxil Chase is correct in saying that this is by design and cannot be circumvented. The server attribute can specify one or more mail servers.

If it is not specified, the first entry in the keystore is chosen as the alias. The “Verify mail server connection” option should be selected so that you will be informed if ColdFusion finds the mail server after you saved the cfmakl. Gmail Mail Server Settings Mail server: One of the following string values, which correspond to the numeric values: Message recipient email addresses. If there are no white space characters, inserts a coldufsion break at the specified position.

Can be dynamically generated. If you want to take a look at the wrapper, you will dfmail it at the following location: Use this attribute to send more than one message, or to send query results within a message. If you use the cfmail tag to send a message with an attachment with spooling enabled and you use the cffile tag to delete the attachment file, ColdFusion might not send the mail because the mailing process might execute after the file was is deleted.

In those cases, the recipient will see the source code of your HTML email, which is not always readable. Path of the on-disk or in-memory file to attach to message. As a recognition of all this, Guust has been invited by Adobe to join there Adobe Community Professional program in The following list includes commonly used values:. The message priority level. See the following example. Format Example user server rsmith company.


MIME type of the message. Whether to spool mail or always send it Immediately. In the left menu, below “Server Settings”, you will find “Mail”. A static string; for example, ” support mex. When you enabled the “Verify mail server connection” option, ColdFusion will inform you if it was able to connect to the mail server.

An optional attribute for the cfmailpart tag with the type attribute set to “text” is wraptext. If set to true, all messages that you send will have digital signature. I tried that also, from what I can find, Gmail also re-writes the reply-to field with the gmail account.

cfmail Code Examples and CFML Documentation

Requires a password attribute. For a list of all registered MIME media types, visit www. Pages that use this option might run slower than those that use the No option.

A value here overrides the Administrator. The text within the CFOUTPUT is repeated for each row in the “ProductRequests” query, while the text above and below it serve as the header and footer respectively for the mail message.

If you send a cpldfusion mail message, all message content must be in cfmailpart tags; ColdFusion ignores multipart xoldfusion text text that is not in cfmailpart tags.