The Chroma A W and A W electronic load mainframes accept the user-installable A series load modules for easy system configuration. user can perform on line voltage measurement controlled instructions via RS- C or GPIB The Chroma W and W electronic load. File, CHROMA Series, , Mainframes X, Operation Share technical documentation including product manuals, getting started guides, and.

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In CV mode it is equivalent to the programming of zero voltage. The versatility of the Amplifier makes it the perfect choice for almost every type of custom multi-room More mxnual. Current Ranges Low, High Current can be programmed cchroma either of the two ranges, low range and high range. The dynamic load is commonly used in the test of UUT s performance under transient loading condition. Connect Remote Controller to the electronic Load before powering on.

Turning on the short circuit does not affect the programmed setting, and Load input will return to the previously programmed values when the short circuit is turned off. The nominal output power is More information. The wires should be large enough to limit the voltage drop to no more than 0. R C- 63 em otn rl. The Load module also executes a self-test that checks firmware and communication with Mainframe.

Chroma agrees to repair or replace any assembly or component found to be croma, under normal use during this period. This is a class A product. Local manuap on front panel keypad. If the CC mode of Load module is active, the new setting will immediately change the input at a rate determined by the slew rate setting.


How To Control The More information. All fields are required. The appropriate bits in the Mainframe s statue registers are set when any of the protection features mentioned above is active. Tektronix products are covered by U.

Programmable DC Electronic Load 6310 Series Operation & Programming Manual

Keep these More information. For example, the test of a battery charger can be simulated easily usef setting the load to operate in constant voltage.

One is the Mainframe keypad. Before connecting load wires to Load module, remove the terminal cover from the Load. Both states A and B use the same range.

The low range provides better resolution at low current setting. There is a double pole RC filter of input voltage, so high frequency parts will be removed.

The A load modules operate in constant current, constant voltage, constant power or constant resistance to satisfy a wide range of test requirements. The Mainframe contains four two slots for load modules. Subject to changes and errors excepted. Details of local operation are given in Chapter 4 Local Operation. All of the LEDs on the front panel are momentarily activated, and the 7-segment LED displays model number as well as firmware version.

Voltage Ranges Low, High There are two voltage ranges for voltage measurement and Von voltage setting.


It is useful when a module is operating in CV or CR mode, or when it manial precise measurement. The Load module will display ovp when overvoltage protection occurs. STATic function checks the stability of output voltage from a power supply. The nominal output power is. The resistance setting will be degraded as higher values are entered.

A programmable slew rate allows a controlled transition from one load setting to another to minimize induced voltage drops on inductive power wiring, or control induced transients on a test device.

Each module will dissipate the power it has been programmed. Daker DK 1, 2, 3 kva. Mainframes accept the user- installable A series load modules mnaual. The power cord is connected to the AC input socket. Thank you for purchasing your new PSC More information. Each load is isolated and floating, programmable in dual current range and measuring voltage range, and capable ueer synchronizing with other modules for control operation.

programming manual of chroma – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Uninterruptible Power Supply VA. Manuxl In the setting of load module level the resolution of current, voltage, resistance and slew rate setting will be different from the entered values.

The Mainframe can dissipate up to watts when it is full loaded.