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Load 75 into D. ROM Read- Only Memory is used for permanent storage of pro- grams, tables, and other types of fixed data. A single functional statement may translate into a series of instructions or subroutines in machine language, in contrast to a low- level assembly language in which statements translate on a one-for-one basis. See also the Branch Instruction. Or, he may want to shut off interrupts during a critical part of the main program. Because the current program counter represented by R P is incremented again by 1 during the execution of this instruction, the instruction byte following the immediate byte placed in D will be fetched next.

Immediate addressing allows the user to extract data from the program stream without setting up special constant areas in memory and pointers to them.

CD4076 PDIP16

If the switch is in cd40076 “ON” position, counting proceeds The other operand is found in D. Output sig- nals are held at their values indefinitely.


Because the data byte goes into both memory and D, the first input instruction is followed by the storing of the data from D into a scratch-pad register. The control register is first loaded from memory under program control, for instar. This sequence of instructions is called the interrupt serv- ice program.

Consider addition of two numbers each 2 bytes long. R l is initialized to before permitting inter- rupt. These instructions eatasheet two machine cycles for execution. There are many good reasons to use a stack mechan- ism, some of which are discussed subsequently in the material on program structure and subroutines. In order to select the input register, both the address decode line and t he command decode line must be asserted when MRD is not true.

When loading is completed, depressing the reset and then the run buttons will start program execution at M dtaasheet R 0 as the program counter after one machine cycle. Call multiply subroutine For those subroutines that expect a constant to be passed to it as per an inline parameter, the following call could be used: Internal sampling of interrupt is inhibited during initialization cycle.

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A call to the subroutine is performed by making R n the program counter. Often, the most basic system design issue is deciding what functions to carry out in response to one or more interrupt signals. During S2, MRD is high and will disable memory out- put to the data bus. A subroutine is a generalized form of instruction, a subprogram wliich does something that might have been implemented in the original CPU as an instruction.


Another application is the control of an external relay or lamp. This instruction can be used to set individual bits. Fetch AC low 8 bits SD. A simple change in the one part of code may have unfortunate consequences for another part which is “borrowing” a piece of it in the above manner. The clear input line initializes the microprocessor, and its release starts instruction exe- cution.

DATA – SHEETS CD40xx, CD41xxxx, CD42xx, CD43xx, CD44xx, CD45xx, CD47xx

It requires additional execution time in calling and returning. Shifting in carry from SHR. Since only the low- order 8 bits can be modified, short branching is limited to 2 s or bytes. The interrupt forces X and P to be automatically transferred into a tempo- rary register T P goes into the lower 4 bits, while X goes cd44076 the higher 4 bitsand forces a value of “1” into P and “2” into X.

Refer to the truth table in Fig.