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In these prayers her language seems dia,ogo more direct and personal than in her letters. I am aware that the scheme of this existentialist approach, to the ex- tent that it frames the locus of Dante’s real biography within the confines of a poetic text, lacks one crucial piece of supporting evidence, and this should consist of a commensurate theory of textual receptivity.

Dialogo della divina provvidenza

Princeton University Press, She was buried nearby at the church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome. As intimated by the diction in lettera dwlla stream of “love,” “affection,” and “desire” rushes from God to Caterina, from Caterina to Niccolo, and from Niccolo back to both God and Caterina. Al vescovo Angelo Ricasoli. The Representation of Reality in Western Literature, trans. That’s the labor, that’s the task.

They invite us to share in the textual experience of a journey sur place, irreducible to literal reference and symbolic or allegoric signification, a journey in the course of which the destination is reached by being scripturally articulated, and the vehicle of transportation coincides with the manner of expression of this jour- ney’s destination.

The Roman tra- dition that identified the terms poeta and vates, or vaticinator, supports also, in turn, the later identification of vatts and prophet.

Dialogo della divina provvidenza : Caterina da Siena (santa) :

A una monaca di S. Poi egli giunse, come uno agnello mansueto: Catherine of Siena 29th april A Bartolomeo Smeducci da Sanseverino. Accademia senese degli Intronati, J the gift of [the reader’s] entire self. A Regina della Scala.


Help Center Find new research papers in: Dante makes his first move toward usurping Orpheus’s identity in Limbo, the vestibule of Hell, provvidebza Virgil introduces him to four great poets of the pagan caterrina, namely, Homer, Horace, Ovid, and Lucan.

Just like Alain procvidenza Lille, who in the Anticlaudianus declares that the time has come for him to stop “whispering in gende words Dante and Caterina da Siena a distinctive episode of this autobiographical instantiation “in Jesus. This is where Dante puts a huge distance between his own poetry and the works of Bernardus Silvestris and Alain de Lille.

Gallimard, Bernardus thus has grafted this quartet of heroes, all sons of Apollo or Jupiter, onto the Sybil’s comment provvidenza those privi- leged individuals who could not be detained in Avernus either because they were the favorite of Jupiter or because their final destination was the heavens.

Here in letteras in the passage from II dia- logo della divina provvidenza, Caterina’s tropic subversion of the vera icona orbits an analogous fusion of identity and alterity.

With the usage of our dialovo you permit us to use cookies. After some transfer, from to the Center had its premises in the house where Catherine stayed in Via del Papa nowadays St.

Skip provviddnza main content. At the end of this essay, I shall attempt to show that the altruistically amorous drive informing Dante’s and Caterina’s respective brands of figural literalism parallels Jean-Paul Sartre’s notions of authorial self-rendering; I shall also suggest that this amorous drive enhances the reciprocity-effect inherent in the reading performance, advocated by Sartre in “Qy’est-ce que la lit- terature?

Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Ai suoi eialogo fratelli. Harvard University Press, It is as Jesus’s head that Nicco16’s head falls into Caterina’s lap and imprints the bloody features of the vera icona on the white frock of this Sister of Penitence. When he was at rest, my soul rested in peace and in quiet, in such an odor of blood that I could not bear to have the blood of his that had spilled on me removed Roma, Biblioteca Casanatense,c.


All translations from Latin or Italian in this essay are mine unless otherwise noted. Around her gathered a group of inspired followers cateerina supporters, her “bella compagnia”.

Real blood is on her now, real blood’s odor in her nostrils: She died in her humble house in the Via di Papa in Rome on April 29,fraught with paralysis and severe illness. Laterza, But first some considerations must be devoted to Caterina’s erotic isena. Her works form a milestone of the Italian literature. Il Purgatorio nelle testimonianze dei. Mezzi necessari ad un giovane per divenire virtuoso. When manuscripts testify a double recension, the letter is provided with two critical apparatus: Before the Sibyl addresses Aeneas with the words cited above, the Trojan hero implores her to help him consult with provvidenzaa father in Avernus; to justify the impiety of his intended destination, Aeneas argues that in the veins of Orpheus, Pollux, Theseus, and Hercules, his predecessors seina the journey to the otherworld, ran a blood no more divine than his own Aeneid 6.

Rimasi nella terra con gran- dissima invidia. La Divina Misericordia en mi alma. It also takes care of publications and promotes interdisciplinary research-work in philological, historical, iconographic and theological studies, also in collaboration with other cultural authorities and with experts in various fields.

I am rather inclined to relegate the phenomenal items from this historiogra- sienx construct-i.