Links to translation of Dorotheus: Carmen Astrologicum, by e. Dorotheus of Sidon, who appears to have lived in Alexandria, flourished in the first century AD. He wrote his Pentateuch (five books) on. CARMEN ASTROLOGICUM. translated by David Pingree. The first book of Dorotheus from the stars on the judgments concerning nativities: on the upbringing.

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If you find Venus in a sign possessing two bodies or camen two figures, then the marriage of the native will not be with [only] one [wife]. And many, many lots, all defined. If it is Mars, then it indicates women who will marry [several] men in succession and will play the whore with men.

Illness as Qitrinus the Sadwali says Do not leave aside the consideration concerning the lot of fathers and so on. Knowledge of astrologgicum matter of the fortune of the native and his. If you find Jupiter in the ascendant or in the triplicity of the ascendant or in what follows the cardine of the ascendant, then he will be brought up.

Take care that you are not afraid nor interrupt your expectation from the native because you find a malefic for him in a cardine because you desire that the first, second, and third lords of the triplicity of the ascendant aspect.

There remain equal to these two places which are the worst of the worst, and they are the sixth and the twelfth. But if you find the lords of the triplicity of Venus in a bad place or a cadent, corrupted, or they are under the rays of the Sun or near the West, camen predict differently from that about the badness of the marriage because those who are born will be of those who will never marry or whose marriage is with slave girls or whores or old women who are disgraced or those young in years, or he is a leaser of whores; we have seen someone in [a nativity] like this who leased his wife, and he was disgraced in this.

Also know the lot of livelihood. All fire signs have the same rulers. If the Moon is increasing in the direction of North, he attains good at the end of his life, and if it is cutting from the direction of the South to the asrrologicum of the North and is ascending, then he attains good at the beginning of his life and at its end.

If you look concerning its condition and the condition of its lord and the aspectors of these two, they will show you the condition of [his] livelihood. If they are together in one strong place from quartile or trine and one of them aspects the other, this indication is best. If you find the lord of the triplicity of Venus in the cardine of the West or the cardine under the earth, it indicates the death of his women.


Carmen astrologicum – Dorotheus (of Sidon.) – Google Books

Would you also like to submit a review for this item? Lana marked it as to-read Mar 28, If with this Mars aspects [them], it will be a disaster. If Venus is the lord of that place, then predict that that is a disaster, and there will be a fall from his reputation among women.

If you find these in their places with benefics and they are not malefics, and you find them in cardines or in what follows cardines, then astrologickm that the native will possess fortune, eminence, commendation, praise, and a good livelihood. It is also necessary for you to look at the lord of the ascendant and the lord of midheaven and the lord of the house of property, which is the second place from the ascendant. If Venus is in the seventh place from the ascendent, it indicates injury and misery astrologivum calamity because of women and that he will have little stability with them, but will have car,en with those who have need and poverty and slave girls [and] servants [and] strangers, but according to this he will be married because of the carjen of Venus in a cardine, I but because of the place of the ascendent opposite it [Venus] it indicates injury because of women.

Knowledge of the lot [in] the nativity of a woman. But if you find the lord of the triplicity of the ascendant in a sign of misfortune, either the sixth or the third, make use of the lord of the triplicity of the lot of fortune.

If you find the lord of the triplicity, [whether] benefic or malefic, in a good place, and the Astrilogicum also strong in its place, then this is an indicator of wealth and praise and fame for his father. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. If the lord of that is Jupiter, then carrmen man who will marry her is well known [and] possesses fame in the towns and cities.

This translation, from by David Pingree, is from a fourth century Pahlavi Persian source. Look from the third sign from the ascendant about the matter of brothers. Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours. Say in a diurnal nativity that aastrologicum Sun astrologickm the lords of its triplicity indicate the matter of his father and his end, and so the Moon in a diurnal nativity indicates the matter of his mother.


Carmen Astrologicum

If you find I Mars and Saturn aspecting the cardine, the fourth, in opposition to it or in quartile or [if] they are in it without the benefics, then predict concerning his parents misfortune and misery and slavery.

This Religius Sytem will not acknowledge that. Please enter the message. Aufl View all editions and formats Rating: If you find Saturn in opposition to Mercury, it indicates the death of the children. If you find the lords of the triplicity of Venus with it or in the cardines or what follows the cardines, rejoicing in their light and direct in [their] motion, all of this is a good indication in the matter of marriage so that the father of the child was happy. If you find a masculine planet in the ascendant and another masculine [planet] in the seventh sign and the “hour” is double, males are born in it.

If you find the Sun aspecting the Moon in [a case] like this, then it indicates brothers who are older than he is.

Want astrologgicum Read Currently Reading Read. If both of them are not aspecting the lot, but the benefics do aspect it, then he has atrologicum good livelihood from strangers together with praise and commendation, but if a benefic and a malefic aspect it, then his livelihood is a mixture of good and bad. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. Learn more about where you come from and Don’t just read one book, but read multiple books so that you can get a full Understanding of sstrologicum Information you are researching.

If you find the Moon increasing and Mars aspecting it from opposition or quartile or [Mars] is with it, or [if] it [the Moon] is decreasing and Saturn is aspecting it, then there is no good for him in [his] livelihood. But if there are planets in opposition or quartile to the lot, then it indicates that he will have a multitude of children. Write a review Rate this item: If astropogicum find the Moon in the cardine under the earth, then a chronic illness will strike his mother or his mother will be harmed in [her] reputation.