Camillo Sitte’s The Art of Building Cities is one of the acknowledged on city building even raises this to the status of a working principle. The work of Sitte is not exactly a criticism shape or form of each building, but the. Source: Camillo Sitte, City Planning According to Artistic Principles, trans. Today’s city builder must, before all, acquire the noble virtue of an utmost humility .

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Modern living as well as modern building techniques no longer permit the faithful imitation of old townscapes, a fact which we cannot overlook according falling prey to barren fantasies. For Sitte, the most important is not the architectural shape or form of each building, but the inherent creative quality of urban space, the whole as much more than the sum of its parts.

It is quite astonishing how many delightful small gardens are to be found in the interior of the building lots of old towns; one has no suspicion of their existence before entering the courtyards and rear areas. This is the matter of tree-lined avenues and gardens. That this schism between the old and the new approach also occurs in the field of horticulture allows us now to recapitulate. In this our modern engineers, so much maligned because of their artistic blunders, have artisticc performed miracles and have rendered everlasting service to mankind.

It was also highly successful in its time.

The design, functioning and future of urban situations is explored in written, drawn and modelled work which builds on the legacy of twentieth century urban theory and is directed towards the development of sustainable cities. City Building According To Artistic He states that the English translation was not available in the United States until Colin Fragar 29 November at You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The effective enclosure of space, deriving as it does from the historical evolution of an original unbroken street front such as still exists today in villagescontinued to be the basis of all dispositions in the old towns.


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City Planning According to Artistic Principles | Architectuul

An attempt should be made regardless of obstacles. Instead of positioning it in the centre for all to experience, Michelangelo insisted for it to sit adjacent to the palazzo entrance. Just as for monuments, we have no proper place for trees. The Votive Church in Vienna sits isolated on its own, a characteristic deemed unsuccessful. This should be proof enough that the exponents of an exclusively traffic-oriented point of view, despite acdording success, are not justified in throwing to the winds as useless the assistance of art, the teachings of history, and the great traditions of city building.

For all the magnitude his practice today has become, the study was one of modesty. The striving for perspective effects has obviously continued, and we could designate as the backbone of the system the broad avenue closed off in the distance by a monumental structure….

There is method in this madness. For Sitte, the most important aspect of civic buildings was not the architectural form of the buildings themselves but rather their buildibg their form, characteristics, and deployment as building blocks contributed to the character and quality of urban spaces.

Camillo Sitte

The principal value would consist in spraying the leaves with water so that during heatspells they could serve as an evaporating, and hence an air conditioning apparatus. Just how annoying the planting of trees in front of such works can be- -above all on shabby, sickly boulevards—is to be seen in any photograph….

Athens and the ancient Greek spaces, like the agora and the forum are his preferred examples of good urban spaces.

He is the author of Urban Ethic: Cited still to this day, his critical analysis of the then modern planning principles and historical precedents paved the way for a new breed of theoretical practitioners in the art of Urbanism.

A city designed for machines, not for human beings. They are of no concern artistically, because they are inapprehensible in their entirety. Mainly an urban planning theory book, it has a deep influence in architecture, as the two disciplines are deeply intertwined.


Welcome to the City 1.

The broad mass of living quarters should be businesslike, and there the city may appear in its work-clothes. Artistically contrived streets and plazas might be wrested even from the gridiron vity if the traffic expert would just let the artist peer over his shoulder occasionally or would set aside his compass and drawing board now and then.

If someone want to read more about sittte urban planning I think this is the right place for you!

Although only two major streets intersect perpendicularly on this octagonal plaza, one still finds strangers frequently turning into one sittw them to look for the street name or a familiar house, thus to regain their orientation.

By sitting the statue away from the central axis it removes any interference with circulation, and accroding to the entrances and buildings. The modern public garden, being surrounded by open streets, is exposed to wind and weather and is coated with street dust, unless somewhat protected by its enormous size.

City Planning According to Artistic Principles

This inner struggle between the two opposing demands is not, however characteristic of town planning alone; it is present in all the arts, even in those apparently the freest, if only as a conflict between their ideal goals and the limiting conditions of the material in which the work of art is supposed to take shape….

In addition four encounters arise with a vehicle driving from A to B. Vistas opening out along a thoroughfare, which the ancients avoided so artfully, have here been used as much as possible The traffic junction is also a junction of all lines of sight. Post Your Comment Here!