Since Caliburn Micro takes care of creating all windows for you, delete Since we are just getting setup in this tutorial we won’t add any. Have you ever tried to write a clear WPF application, but it was too complicated? Caliburn Micro solves your problem. Caliburn micro is small. In the Package Manager Console window run the command to install the NuGet package into your WPF application project.

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Naming Conventions in Caliburn Micro Caliburn Micro is built so that it can predict the view and viewmodel mapping just by the names. Give it a go and check out your handy work so far. Ca,iburn Micro has 2 different bootstrappers available. John-Daniel Trask Nov 21st, The class Bootstrapper is obsolete. Charleh, great instruction, thanks!

There is another condition – each class should extend the PropertyChangedBase class.

Mindscape Blog » Blog Archive » Caliburn Micro Part 1: Getting Started

This means, every time we view this page, it will be the same page after it is first initialized. Biberium Jul 3rd, This gives us knowledge and experience to hire best possible people within this area of expertise. Caliburn Micro solves your problem.

So create a new class and call it AppBootstrapper, then add code to make it look like the one below.

Jason Jan 23rd, Email Required, ttorial never shown. If you look at the View then we have the TextBox named same as the property defined in the Viewmodel, similarly the button has the same name as the Method. You can give the button some text like “Connect”. You can also look through the documentation on CodePlex.


The introduction is a good place to start. Hello Jason, I really thank you for providing this great tutorial and making the caliburn framework so easy to understand. For the purposes of this tutorial, I have used a very simple bootstrapper implementation seen here:. Thank you for all the effort you have put into these tutorials. The Window Manager Mar 13th, Your application is now primed and ready to take advantage of all the great support provided by Caliburn Micro. Here is an example: Micro After installation you need to remove MainWindow.

The bootstrapper is the most important class in the application.

Caliburn Micro Part 1: Getting Started | !

One of the ways to send messages between view-models is by using the event aggregator: To fix the MainViewModel problem: I am assuming you have knowledge on how to open a new project in Visual Studio as well as the ability program in, or at least understand, C. Add a new class to the project and call it ShellViewModel. In our day-to-day work we use versatile methods of project management such as Scrum or Kanban, which involve adaptability, tracking progress and close cooperation with the customer.

NET platform, modern web development tools and native iOS and Android apps to effectively deliver systems and solutions.

Caliburn Micro expects a particular naming convention.

Caliburn Micro Part 1: Getting Started

We will be adding the MainViewModel class later in the tutorial. In most cases Caliburn.

The next step is to start filling out your application. For tutoeial, we will return string value from view model and we will display it on the view.


I usually put the views and the view-models in separate folders somewhere in the project. Kris Adams Nov 28th, Micro knows to load this view model class as the main view model because it is the Type being passed into the Caliburn. But thumps up for this tutorial. The following code will work: In the first step, we need tutodial define a property in the view model. This is to ensure Caliburn.

Text property from TextBox control will tutorlal automaticly bind with property in view model but TextBox name has to be the same what property in view model. Data Binding and Events Handling We have just written a very simple application that actually does nothing.

Part A — Basic Caliburn.

I get the error as Bootstrapper cannot locate view. From here you should be able to focus less on the wiring and more on tutoria application structure, the part only you can write. Mindscape is a registered trademark of Mindscape Limited. MainViewModel tutorizl looks for a View called So.

Button has to be named as the method in the view model. Csliburn I download the application from this blog and run it as is, everything seems to work fine.

All Products News Beta Events. We need to manually indicate handler Example above. Try setting their namespaces to be the same to see if that solves the problem. Also it looks like it loads content dynamically based on resource URLs and therefore a viewmodel-first approach would probably not work.