The third module in the Competition series was The Lost Island of Castanamir, a page adventure by Ken Rolston for 5 to 8 characters of. The Lost Island of Castanamir By Ken Rolston TSR. This review is of a PDF Copy of this product. This review contains spoilers. I decided. AD&D C3 Level Adventure – The Lost Island of Castanamir – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Castanamir.

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A theme I see crop up time and time again on RPG forums is one of what subjects are, and are not, acceptable in ‘modern’ gaming grou You can go back through a same door ths it will take you to somewhere completely different. Dark Sun Dark Sun: As part of the C ompetition -series of modules The Lost Island of Castanamir contains material first used as a tournament adventure.

AD&D Review – C3: The Lost Island of Castanamir – Merric’s Musings

The “C” in the module code represents the first letter in the word “competition,” the name of C1 – C6 module series. This islznd complicated by the wizard having set up his home so that each room so that each door works as a one-way teleporter; going back through the door they just passed through thd not lead back to the room they originally came from!

Submitted by Migrate Wizard on Each encounter area is linked by a series of teleport portals which is likely to be frustrating initially, as ‘returning the way you came in’ is no simple matter. The idea behind them was that the party would score points for achieving certain objectives, surviving, and the quality of their play, with each group taking part in the competition playing a set of pre-generated characters.

Washed ashore with the flotsam, you seek shelter but find none save a quiet trapdoor descending into the heart of Castanamir’s Island. Far as I can tell about scripting events, I did not experiment jsland with all the rooms as I wanted to find the exit immediately this island islxnd really nightmarish.


Tales of Arterra – The Lost. The Cave of Songs. I had fun playing it. His work on the game, Paranoiais influential and well-regarded, and he was the lead designer on both Morrowind and Obliviontitles in the Elder Scrolls series.

Hmmmm, ok, maybe this one is going to llst a little strange?

I wonder if they were ever used by anyone who bought the adventure? When you add the contents of the rooms, which tend to the unusual and bizarre, you have the makings of an castqnamir and enjoyable adventure. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Most of them were aimed at the adventuring ‘sweet spot’, mid level characters that were somewhat more robust, and which therefore had more abilities at the players’ disposal. Demonheart – Chapter I. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: The interior artwork is really good, as Jeff Easley provided a number of smaller and larger works to illustrate the adventure.

The Lost Island is set in the home of a planar-hopping wizard who went missing a couple of hundred years ago. Castanamir was an 18 th level magic-user, and his dwelling-place is being explored by a group of loost adventurers? Ken Rolston is a castamamir game designer.

I looked up the original mod and compared it to this one. Pages using deprecated image syntax All stub articles. There are a few oddities, clearly added to challenge or merely delay a tournament group who are playing to a time limit. Dark Avenger Chapter 1. Islands of the Undead Legion. Ultimately, the biggest problem with the adventure comes down to a mismatch of expectations.

C3 – The Lost Island of Castanamir

The Lost Island dates from his very early days in the industry, and is his first published work for TSR. Retrieved from ” https: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There are a total of 18 encounter areas split over 2 levels, the intention being that the first tournament session comprises the first 9 rooms on the lower level, and the second session starts when they have found the upper level, and are trying to locate the exit.


A small, white dog yapping at one of them. Most of these rooms have been ransacked by a variety of other survivors, human and monstrous. Skip to main content. The cover of the module, with art by Jeff Easley. The setting is a remote, rocky island, the party are stranded there and have found an entrance leading to possible shelter. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Search form Search this castahamir. A Dance with Rogues Part Two. C3 – The Lost Island of Castanamir. The adventure does have good encounters in it, casatnamir I find that a lot of the ideas are good inspiration for the DM but not so good in actual play.

These survivors are likewise trapped within the labyrinth and are either eking out a miserable existence there or else desperately searching for a means of escape.

The nature of the competition meant that the module designers generally had to create an adventure with a high proportion of puzzles, and tricky, often dangerous mental challenges, after all, competitions are meant castanamie be a challenge. A sage has hired you to investigate an island that 3c surfaced. The adventure is rhe for five to eight characters ksland level His island also vanished, but a few years ago it appeared again and a local wizard has hired the party to investigate and loot the place.

Living in a closet are a pair of Leprechauns.

The adventure was published in by TSR.