Blood and Guts in High School: A Novel [Kathy Acker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kathy Acker was a high-wire writer. She took risks. Buy Blood and Guts in High School by Kathy Acker from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. Published to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Kathy Acker’s untimely death, Blood and Guts in High School is published for the first time in.

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Did the author read A Im Orange and Wild Animus, do some really strong pharmaceuticals and then decide she could write a book more disjointed and senseless than those two books?

ugts And so, the first ten pages are a bevy of delights, a veritable cornucopia of plenty, a smorgasbord of every vile, disgusting, grotesque act known achool man.

Recommended to Nate D by: I could have forgiven the jumping around from topic to topic and random segues – part of the story is supposed to be a journal that Janey, the main character, is keeping and part of the story is He took them all.

I think it’s becoming harder to get off the roads.

At current, it doesn’t rank as something I’d be that interested in though at the time it blew my mind but her style, her ruthlessness, the raw sexuality, the insanity and craziness of her books this one in particular her daring to use and abuse language really liberated my creative process.

Burroughs, and I did the same thing with him then that I’m doing with Kathy Acker now, just slashing and burning through everything I can get my hands on.


Archived from the original on She’s just a parasite. The narrative of the story is disrupted with pornographic drawings, letters, and dream maps to further disembody the plot but place the reader in the narrative itself. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It’s also a heartrending, often poetic celebration of its potential: And now, with Blood and Guts All the land on both sides of the highway, cultivated and wild, was private.

At this point the author makes an amazingly clever analysis of her character’s psychology. Having any sex in the world is having to have sex with capitalism. The Mayan temples surrounding her house in Mexico remind us of the ritual slaughtering of kids as offerings and scapegoats; while the ancient tribes killed their offspring in order to appease their gods, our society sacrifices kids to its lust and dissatisfaction.

Blood and Guts in High School

View all 7 comments. The world in which Janey lives is a jail run by a cannibalistic society that feeds on the kids’ need for love and understanding. Your rage at age 14 was not misplaced and your should never let those flames get sanded over because they have never never stopped being real.

Blood and guts in high school This is all I know Parents teachers boyfriends All have got to go Some folks like trains, some folks like ships, I like the way you move you hips All I want is a taste of your lips, boy, All I want is a taste of your lips. Retrieved from ” https: It was dumb luck that I started with those two, and I can see how my interest in Acker could have been altered if I hadn’t stumbled upon the most specific-to-me books at that time, in that order, under those circumstances.


It zcker sell pretty well and its devastating power would be tamed by commercial success and intellectual indifference. Please, someone explain to me gts literary value of this book.

I want to go jn in the world as far as I can go. I don’t have anywhere to run.

Blood and Guts in High School – Wikipedia

Not that punk had stopped in but post-punk bands were already evolving the two-chord assault of the punk sound into something better or in the case of Howard Devoto or Jonathan Richman before punk even happened. Unlike arthouse films which often work on using odd concepts to create an allegorical or metaphorical story, oftentimes it doesn’t come iin right with books, acier this is one such case.

But they both know the romance is over. However I mostly found it embarrassing to read in public because of the smutty line drawings, offensive because of the continual use of foul language or confusing because sentence flow skipped lines of text.

Blood and Guts in High School by Kathy Acker

One day she found a pencil stub and scrap of paper in a forgotten corner of the room. And then she dies. Did I do something wrong?

Dec 30, Anthony Vacca rated it liked it. What can Janey and Genet do? In New York City she joins a gang, the Scorpions. Hawkins has analysed this book as a postmodernist work in her article “All in the Family: Every page seems to have something that’s brutal, some knife-twist of words or emotion or intellect.