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Address Book About remote address book search To 71000v and add contacts from your company address book, your handheld must be integrated with an email account using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 3. Only with a cross sign.

Type the phone number and click the trackwheel. A handset of this size is very good for what its designed to do in my opinion – especially emails. Page file attachments about, 27 changing display of, file information, frequently asked questions, images, 27 increasing detail in images, 28 memory use, navigating, 27 opening, 27 opening table of contents, 27 paning images, 28 password protected, receiving more of long attachments, requirements for viewing, retrieving embedded content, The appointments can be restored, however, if you set the Keep Appointments field to a longer period of time.

To type a password, use the multi-tap input method. If you use the escalating volume level, the notification volume level consistently increases until the handheld reaches the blac,berry volume level. Network Coverage Turn the wireless radio on and off Add a network to the preferred network list Scan for a network to add to the preferred network list Manage the preferred mabual list Network coverage — frequently asked questions Note: Page 18 To set folder redirection, your handheld must be integrated with an email account using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4.

How do I hide my handheld phone number from a contact when making a call? If your handheld is integrated with an email account using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 3.


Page Appointments in your handheld calendar that are older than the number of days that you specify in the Keep Appointments field are removed from your handheld. Depending on your service provider or your theme, the location and name for your handheld browsers might change.

Mahual button, the application closes. About remote address book search To find and add contacts from your company address book, your handheld must be integrated with an email account using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 3.

Blackberry Vodafone 7100v Manuals

Table of contents Table Of Contents Phone – Frequently Asked Questions Follow the on-screen instructions. Cut Or Copy Text Why are some file attachment features not available on my handheld? Answering Or Ending Calls Press the Send key.

Attachments – Frequently Asked Questions Page PIN messages about, 21 adding contacts, 15 changing, 16 deleting, 16 delivery confirmation, 94 forwarding, 16 frequently asked questions, 93 opening, 15 replying, 16 resending, 16 saving, 16 sending, 21 set as high priority, 95 setting importance, 15 viewing longer subject line, 95 See also messages PIN, finding, For more information on wireless coverage levels, refer to the printed documentation that accompanied your handheld.

Page 89 Why can I not make calls? Page tasks applying categories, 52 categories, 51 changing status of, 51 clearing all categories, creating, 51 creating categories, 51 deleting, 51 deleting categories, 52 frequently asked questions, 52 number of, opening, 51 setting notification for, 63 switching, synchronizing, 29 viewing by category, 52 text cutting or copying, Extend Battery Life Turn the handheld on and off automatically Keep the battery at a full charge Check the battery level Extend battery life Reset the handheld when the alarm turns on when the handheld is set to turn on automatically.

You can only view password-protected.

Can I set the phone to display frequently called numbers? Open a message Send an email message Save draft messages Add contacts to a message Set blwckberry importance level Change sent messages Manage messages File messages View filed messages Delete multiple messages at one time Mark a message as opened or unopened Search the messages list Search the handheld Save a copy of messages sent from the Password Keeper How do I prevent passwords from appearing on the screen in the password keeper?


To send a message in the conversational SMS view, type text at the bottom of the SMS screen and press the Enter key to send the message.

BlackBerry v – User opinions and reviews – page 4

To recall the memory, click MR. If you use the BlackBerry Desktop Software to enable wireless calendar synchronization, you can adjust the calendar conflict resolution settings in the desktop software. Set folder redirection In the messages options, click Email Settings. Page adding, 41, 42 deleting, 63 downloading, 41 listening, 63 previewing, 42 showing, blacbkerry testing, 63 See also profiles draft messages, 15 email messages, 16 images, 38 PIN messages, 16 searches, 25 sent email messages, 17 SMS messages, 24 web page requests, 39 web pages, blacberry appointments, 47 appointments quickly, Set the TTY Mode field.

Click My Preferred Network List. Use Speed Dial Page To rotate an image, press the period. To add a signature to messages sent from your handheld, your blackberrt must be integrated with an email account using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server version 4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think this black berry or at least the v equivalent has MMS. Preferred Network List Security Type passwords Set a handheld password Lock the handheld Lock the keyboard Protect your handheld content Reduce handheld content size Regenerate encryption keys Store blwckberry password Create a random password Use the password keeper Copy a password Verify security software Prevent third-party applications from transmitting data Clear the handheld