Frank Richards has books on Goodreads with ratings. Frank Richards’s most popular book is Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School. Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School [Frank Richards] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Author Frank Richards’s complete list of books and series in order, with the latest The Billy Bunter stories were serialised in The Magnet from until the.

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The support of the form divides equally between two candidates, leaving Bunter with the casting vote. A total of 52 half-hour episodes was broadcast over seven series, between andincluding three television specials. It didn’t seem to be a problem, especially when bunger boys were on holiday in, say, Egypt.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In a conversation with his study mate Peter Todd, Bunter’s view of the two candidates offers an insight into his priorities in life:. Even though I’m now a manager in my 50s, married with children, I still like to regularly read and re-read the stories.

Billy Bunter

Minnitt continued producing the strip until his death in Our page on the very early issues of ‘The Magnet’. British boys’ story papers Fictional characters introduced drank Series of books Fictional British people Child characters in literature British comic strips comics debuts Comics characters introduced in comics debuts British comics characters Male characters in literature Child characters in comics Male characters in comics Gag-a-day comics School-themed comics Novels set in the United Kingdom Comics set in the United Kingdom Novels adapted into comics British novels adapted into plays British novels adapted into films Novels adapted into radio programs Novels adapted into television programs Boarding school fiction.

Only on one subject could Billy and Bessie agree. Just Like Bunter, From reading the author’s stories it is clear that the school would, if real, be bklly somewhere in KentEngland.


Books by Frank Richards (Author of Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School)

As well as his gluttony, he is also obtuse, lazy, racist, inquisitive, deceitful, slothful, self-important and conceited. In later years his main political idea is that politicians are detestable hypocrites. His handkerchief is permanently filthy and his waistcoat usually displays prominent clues that reveal the ingredients of his breakfast that day.

Billy Bunter Afloat, In the classroom, Bunter’s academic abilities are scarce to the point of non-existent. The school building itself was, like Greyfriars, very old, which helps me imagine some of the scenes in the books. He commissioned CH to write a series of books around Bunter’s adventures and these rapidly became bestsellers in the years after the war and through the s.

His mother was ill! Girl Jinty Misty Tammy. A number of books have been written on CH. Don’t have an account yet. I could not believe the coincidence therefore when I realised recently that the date top left on the definitive map of Greyfriars and surrounding area is also and is quoted as being when Edward VI restored the former monastery and opened it as a school! I grew up — and still live – in Essex which is just about flat as a pancake.

I’m currently trying to get a reasonably-priced copy of the Bil,y in China run any advice welcomeor the Egypt or India stories. From the mids, just as Hamilton increasingly developed Bunter’s comic potential, so he began to use Bunter’s antics as a means to initiate and drive forward the plots.

Bunter the Sportsman, Cassell took over publication from Skilton early on. All the television scripts were written by Charles Hamilton. Her vocabulary on the subject was very extensive indeed. The episodes were transmitted “live” in black and white format, and a dozen bynter exist in the BBC’s archive as telerecordings see also Wiping.

The result was the Ravenspur Grange series Magnets to which prompted a strong outcry from the Magnet readership, dismayed at Bunter’s disappearance. Mentioning to me that he had subsequently tried unsuccessfully to track down any for purchase I suggested I look on abebooks, made the mistake of reading one before giving it to him, and the rest as they say is history!


Charles Hamilton is most remembered for his school stories, the most famous of which were those centred on Greyfriars School, a fictitious private school in Kent.

Billy Bunter’s Treasure Hunt, Billy Bunter’s main redeeming feature is the very genuine love and concern he has for his mother. I imagined that there was probably some modernisation of lessons, but they seemed to be doing much the same stuff as we did, including Latin which I took for three years without learning much. St Jim’s was a far more interesting school with a rich array of both pupils and teachers. Subsequently, Bunter has appeared in novels, on television, in stage plays, and in comic strips.

Billy Bunter would never be absent from the stories again. I believe three sets of the originals were bound, one for the editor himself, one for the editorial office and one for “Bear Alley” which was the stock room. Nor was it even widely known, until then, that all of the stories written under those pen names were, in the main, all the work of one man.

The Greyfriars Index: Post Publications: The Bunter books ()

fichards In my view the key to FR’s philosophy, in almost every area, is his hatred of bullying – and, especially, cruelty to animals. Please e-mail the page author John. Unfortunately, Bunter’s love of the limelight frequently leads him to spoil matters by boasting and exaggerating afterwards. Chesterton ; or Percy Griffith, the original editor of The Magnet.