Project Report By Rajeev Prajapati TRAINING REPORT. Express gratitude to those who were associated with my project training in BHEL. A Training report On “TURBINE MANUFACTURING” At BHEL HARIDWAR Submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for the degree of. Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar. Hitesh Gupta .. BLOCK-2 Fabrication (Steam, Hydro & gas Turbine) iii. BLOCK-3 Gas.

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Pump turbines with matching motor-generators. Beside these, HEEP has also set up a Generator Research Institute with an objective trraining develop basis know-how and know-why through experimental studies for reliable, efficient and optimum design of generators and improve their performance in service. Kollmann rotor slot milling machine up to maximum barrel length of mm, barrel diameter of mm and rotor weight of tones. This can be done by a manual process or by us ing a machine called machine tool traditional machines namely lathe, milling ma chine, drilling, shaper, planner, slotter.

Size px x x x x Research and reort development cente rs at each of the manufacturing divisions play a complementary role. Rudr apur Component Fabrication Plant The impulse profiles can take a large heat drop across a s ingle stage, and the same heat drop would require a greater number of stages if reaction profiles are used, thereby increasing the turbine length.

There are more than components of Governor. Executing of overseas projects has also provided BH EL the experience of working with world renowned consulting organizations and in spection agencies. The power plant equipme nt manufactured by BHEL is based on contemporary technology comparable to the be st in the world and is also internationally competitive.

136045679 BHEL Haridwar Block 3 Turbine Manufacturing Training Report (1)

The training was specified under the Turbine Manufacturing Department. It then enters the moving blades where its direction of bhep is changed thus producing an impulse force on the moving blades. The efficiency of small simple steam tur bines is poor. Retaining rings are made u of non-magnetic high strength steeling order to reduce the stray losses.


Bhel Haridwar Training Report Block 3 Pdf

The company has been earning profits continuously since and paying dividend since In all, orders for more than utility sets of thermal, hydro, gas and nuclear have been placed on the Company as on date. Maintaining the gas pressure inside the machine at the desired value at all the times.

Power generating setIndustrial turbo — sets, CompressorsPumps and heatersBow — millsHeat exchangers oil ringsGas turbinesSwitch gears. The enthalpy o f the steam decreases. The symbol diverges with a larger area at the exit than at the inlet. However, for assembling and inspection purposes there is no other solut ion. Multiples of this frequency are considered for checking for resonance.

Electrics for Rolling Stock xi. To avoid-heating of press ring due to end leakage flow two rings made of copper sheet are used on flux shield.

The individual turn of coil are insulated against each other by interlayer insulation. The insulation placed over the winding should hafidwar such that they make half overlap with next wrapping of the tape. The response therefore also changes in the locked condition.

Bhel Haridwar Training Report Block 3 Pdf

When the rotor trakning, the lines of magnetic flux cut through the winding. BHEL is the only company in India with the capability to make simulators for power plants, defense and other application 1.

This procedure for measurement of DC resistance of stator and rotor winding of T. BHEL has supplied generating equipment to various utilities capable of generating over MW power.

INDUSTRIAL TRAINING AT BHEL, HARIDWAR – ppt video online download

Due to this, even if the inlet angle of the steam is not tangential to the pres sure-side profile of the blade, the losses are low. The conductors of small rectangular cross section are provided with glass lapped strand insulation.

These forms of material supply are further subjected to variou s manufacturing processes for getting usable metal products of different shapes and sizes in various manufacturing shops. After it this internal casing with roto r is inserted into the external.


Insulator and bushingCeramic liners. Also this method has an inherent of eliminating the deformation of copper due to varying temperature. Tfaining most beautiful feature is of this type of exciter is that is automatically divides the magnitude of current to be circulated in rotor circuit.

The passage of current through windings generates heat. To trxining this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The typical roots used for the HP moving blades for various steam tur bine nhel are shown in the following figure: R is subdividing the frame and axial members to form ducts from which the cooling given to end from radial duct in the core and is recirculated.

BHEL is the only company in India with the capability to make simulators for power plants, defense and o ther applications.

The entire design range of operating speed of the LP blades cannot be outside th e resonance range. Products developed in-house during the last bbhel years contributed about 8.

However, the inlet passages of such turbines must be so designed that the inle t steam to the first reaction stage is properly mixed, and occupies the entire 3 60 degrees.

By joining the “Global Compact”, BHEL would get a unique opportunit y of networking with corporate and sharing experience relating to social traijing ibility on global basis.

In pursuit of these Policy requirements, BHEL will continuously strive to impr ove work particles in haidwar light of advances made in technology and new understan dings in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Science. The casing is heavy in order to withstand the high pressures and temperatur es.