BCR1AM Lead-mount Triac 1 Ampere/ Volts Powerex, Inc., Hillis Street, Youngwood, Pennsylvania () Description: A triac is a solid. BCR1AM Type = Triac ;; Voltage = V ;; Current = 1A ;; Package = Obsolete Powerex, Inc., Details, datasheet, quote on part number: BCR1AM REJ03G Rev Nov 30, Page 1 of 4. BCR1AMA. Triac. Low Power Use. REJ03G Rev Nov 30, Features.

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In the small-current range, conversely, drive loss and switching loss account for more of the total loss, so selecting a MOS with low capacitance Qg, Qgd is an effective way to increase efficiency.

Since a high mounting density is possible, the electrical and mechanical portions of the motor can be integrated easily. Reduced low-side D-S spike – voltage at high-side turn-on Part No. Insulation type Full mold type Others: Continuous Connected taping system of variable capacitance diode. In addition, many years of experience enable us to design products with high breakdown tolerance and high reliability that customers can have confidence in.

Represents the datashete specification. Package Symbol alphabet 1 taken in sequential order and character development. Products with bidirectional functionality as well as many voltage specifications and packages are available for a variety of applications, including reference power sources. Passivated sensitive gate triac in a SOT54 plastic package.

You can change the parameters for parts appearing in blue type.


Parametric Search You can display custom listings of product specs by narrowing the range of functions or specifications to search for. Generation 9 Series H: Look right from the position of the gate pad tape drawerlf you have a embossed carrier taping of which gate pad is faced to feed direction to reel direction.

However, MOSFETs with low on-resistance tend to have a correspondingly larger chip size, and they also have slightly higher switching loss due to factors such as higher gate capacitance. Customers can combine the catasheet they require to select the devices that best match their applications. The quality grade of each Renesas Electronics product is “Standard” unless otherwise expressly specified in a Renesas Electronics data sheets or data books, etc.

Page 1 of 6 Sep 17.

In particular, our ultralow on-resistance products with wire-less structure and high-heat-dispersion, low-resistance package design are ideal for large-current systems. It is optimal to provide. Generation 7 Series J: The recommended applications for each Renesas Electronics product depends on the product’s quality grade, as indicated below.

I F AV More information. In bcr1qm, low-capacitance products suitable for high-speed interfaces are available.

BCR1AM Triac –

The electrical characteristics or schedule may be subject to change without notice. Stick magazine magazine packed horizontal Surface mount This document may not be reproduced or duplicated, in any form, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of Renesas Electronics.

Please contact a Renesas Electronics sales office for details as to environmental matters such as the environmental compatibility of each Renesas Electronics product. Note 2 “Renesas Electronics product s ” means any product developed or manufactured by or for Renesas Electronics.


These devices are developed using multichip technology. As the ratio approaches 0, the low-side current datashedt duration increases. A section of special suppoet. They bcr1a possible extremely precise control of the volume of fuel injected into the cylinder, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Gata 2, 3, 5, 6, 7. Further, you may not use any Renesas Electronics product for any application for which it is not intended without the prior written consent of Renesas Electronics. Please use Renesas Electronics products in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that regulate the inclusion or use of controlled substances, including without limitation, the EU RoHS Directive.

Datasheet «BCR1AM»

The components of capacitive touch Generation of the Electrostatic Field Overview of Parasitic capacitance Of these, silicon high-frequency transistors have come into wide use due to their suitability for mass production.

Glass type Zener voltage: Renesas Electronics achieves on-resistance specs among the lowest in the bcg1am through the use of ultrafine technology, such as our 0. Case temperature is measured at the T terminal 1.