Prince of Ayodhya (Book One of the Ramayana) [Ashok K. Banker] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THIS IS BRAND NEW BOOK. Ashok Kumar Banker is an author and screenwriter. His writing spans crime thrillers, essays, .. Prince of Ayodhya (); Siege of Mithila (); Demons of Chitrakut (); Armies of Hanuman (); Bridge of Rama (); King of. The original Ramayana was written in Sanskrit by a reformed thief-turned-sage named Valmiki, possibly as long ago as 2, B.C. Now, with breathtaking.

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Ramayana is one of the two great ancient Indian epics, the other being Mahabharata. There are many twists and turns, and Banker ends chapters at critical points to move away to another parallel episode, to keep the suspense.

It’s a ripping good yarn, though Banker lacks Tolkien’s knack for varying tone to avoid monotony. They are really very well maintained and managed. Jul 02, One rated it really liked it. In ‘Sons of Sita’ Ram has been reduced to a tyrant who does not trust his own brothers. As you read the novel they will be well etched in your mind.

Mar 26, Ramya Banoer rated it liked it. Ramayana deals with the interpretation of Dharma as it was valid then and mostly how the character and life of Ram can inspire every living human being despite time lapses. The characters were all one sided -white or black with no shades of grey. For those having no knowledge of the original Ramayana story, I would like to break the ayodhy, if not already broken through some other means, that the lead protagonist Rama is an incarnation of the Almighty himself.

Now, with breathtaking imagination and brilliant storytelling, Ashok K.

At the same time, Banker offers Indians themselves a new perspective insight into a story that has long been regarded by them as a purely religious one. Feb 16, Anoop B rated it it was amazing. But, as I said, Adhok got his heart in the right place, so I guess you can overlook that.


See 1 question about Prince of Ayodhya…. This is the first time I read a book aashok Ashok Banker. The book also dwells on relationships – the brotherly love the four brothers shares, the relationship King Dasratha has with his queens, the respects disciples have for their guru, the love and concern queens have for their sons.

All said and done, if you want to savor the writings in this Ramayana!! And then it is detailed at times – and for someone like me who likes scenes to be crisp, it is slightly protracted. A good, interesting take on The Ramayana. Banker has often commented publicly about abuse he faced growing up on account of his lack of religion, caste or racial identity.

Banker is able to work his magic by still telling the original story, but injecting it with graphic descriptions of fight sequences that match epic saga battles found in other fantasy series. Sep 28, Uthpala Dassanayake rated it liked it. I personally didn’t realize from my reading of the more popular versions that Manthara the hunchbacked maid of the second queen was a double agent for Ravana.

There are a couple of battle scenes late in the book, asjok they’re really only a few pages long each, and they’re complete and utter mary-sue battles. For more, visit bit. Trivia About Prince of Ayodhya Want to Read saving…. I spoke to a few people about which books to read to gain understanding on these subjects. May Agnes was the only member asnok her family to move to India. Also, Hindustani words like “khamosh” and “wafadar” which again seemed out of place.

I don’t know how a very highly recommended book with great reviews could turn out to be a disappointment. The first series fiction to find such success in Indian publishing, it has since been followed by numerous imitators, spawning the bahker mythology genre.

It’s hard to imagine what the rest of the seven books would be like given the ridiculous ease with which Rama defeats the very few hostile encounters he has, thanks to the godlike powers he’s simply given, no thanks to any struggle or quest or even apparent rhyme or reason, apart from the fact that he’s the king’s son.


Looking forward bnaker 17 more books in the series.

Jyoti’s Pages: Prince of Ayodhya by Ashok K. Banker

This is no Game of Thrones, where you have to wait for a pages for something to happen which you care about. Banker is best known for his Ramayana Series, a freely imaginative retelling of the ancient Sanskrit epic poem.

I am not touching another books of this author for sure. Prince of Ayodhya Ashok K. Far from being unoriginal – it is, in fact, one of the original sources of one of the great myths of mankind.

Jun 15, Darrell rated it it was ok Shelves: She is under grim influence of Manthara — who in this version turns out to be a follower and spy of Ravana! Having depicted different aspects of Ramayana in dance and watched them being performed, it just looked like a theme beaten to death.

Ashok Banker

The battles were gorier than I expected as were the descriptions of some of those rakshakas and the story takes a a different line than the versions I’m familiar with. I didn’t have much trouble with them, since I’d studied the epic in two different versions at school. Rama repeatedly comes across a doe wherever he goes; his strange connection to the creature; he, feeling like someone is watching him, ALWAYS.

Feb 28, Vikram rated it it was amazing.

Society Magazine, cover story titled “Byculla Boy”, August His work has been optioned for adaptation to television or film several times over the years, usually with Banker himself attached as screenwriter. Black magic, people living for years, magic by manthara etc was too much to digest.

The Prince of Ayodhya (Ramayana, book 1) by Ashok K Banker

But Rama’s story is more about the intricacies of dharma — the law and duties pertaining to one’s social position and one’s devotion to the gods. Mar 28, Meera Srikant rated it really liked it.

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