Ashen Winter (Ashfall, book 2) by Mike Mullin – book cover, description, publication history. Written by Mike Mullin, narrated by Mike Mullin. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. Almost a year after the Yellowstone eruption in Ashfall (), Alex and Darla are drawn back to dangerous Illinois, which has only grown.

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We also get the long awaited reunion between Alex and his parents and an ending that really mul,in me. Also, you will see again some characters from the first book I liked Alex’s uncle and you will meet some other people on the way – off course, you will be happy to know some of them but you will also try to scream for Alex to get away from some dangerous dark places.

Ashen Winter

There are some answers that you get and some others that are being raised and it’s a matter of time winnter things get settled down and maybe our beloved characters will have their well-deserved happy ending. Was it jaw dropping at times? I’m tired winfer the constant “I said this and I did that then I went there and I cooked this” etc. Everything’s gone to ash. Lucky for me, I have kids of my own, so I was able to translate. It sounded like a fairly interesting bo I’m so far behind in reviewing books I’ve read.


Sure, if it even erupts at all, it probably wouldn’t happen for decades–or maybe it will.

I guess this is a tactic in order to keep “events” popping, but it backfired on me, and I hate that he keeps getting both of them Darla and Alex into trouble. Or does it even matter when you are freezing to the bone and you can barely save yourself?

Pretty much like this: Dress Your Marines in White.

She’s the perfect counterbalance for Alex’s soft-hearted nature. They manage to track down on of the bandits who escaped and learn from him that the gun was taken from one of the refugee camps in Maquoketa, Iowa. And so begins a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails, and completely breathless.

I should never dragged Darla back out here, not for anything. Mar 18, Arah-Leah Hay rated it it was ok Shelves: Resources are virtually non-existent. Welcome to one of my reviews, where I talk to myself a lot and say things that aren’t very relevant to the book or anyone else.

Ashen Winter – mikemullinauthor

I should have wiinter dragged Darla asehn out here, not for anything. Apr 30, Edi rated it liked it Shelves: The end of the last book was so bittersweet. I consider it a mark of a good book to play on an assortment of emotions in its reader, and Mike Mullin definitely succeeded in that. Return to Book Page. But what about the bits of humanity you struggle to keep so badly?


Ashen Winter is filled with danger, romance, and heart-pounding action that is certain not to disappoint.

I really like the premise of the series, and I like the characters and the survival element is top-notch. If you’re still reading this, I’m going to assume that you’ve already read Mike I don’t hand out five stars very easily anymore.

He never once abandons his mission, even when it seems that all hope is lost.

I felt like I was back in the day and watching Knot’s Landing. The cliffhanger ending leaves readers craving the next installment—and dreading what it may bring. Consider donating what you think we are worth – it helps us run this ezine.

With Darla out of the picture after falling into enemy hands, Alex becomes more determined and more forceful with his actions. I was both sshen and as uncomfortable as Alex when she enacted her strategy with the gang. The other thing that Mullin does really well in this volume is to give the book a very intelligent dinter. So, I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead. It too starts with a bang and hurtles along at lightening speed for in my opinion a bloated pages.