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AR International Agreements [United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army. Cooperation Agency 14 AR –51 • 2 May Glossary *This regulation supersedes AR –51, dated 15 April AR –51 • 2 May AR International Agreements (Paperback) – Common [Created by United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on.

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Army Publishing Directorate

Similarly, material changes in U. With priorconsent of the Chief, DAJA—IO, copies may be provided in electronic form, but such copies must reflect the actual signatures on the original of the international agreement. Neither the SA nor any delegee may negotiate or conclude the following types of international agreements without the prior written approval of the officials designated below: Cooperative or reciprocal activities.

Is the proposal an international agreement or other international arrangement according to the definitions in this regulation? Negotiation on the draft agreement or other international arrangement will not commence without the legal opinion. For purposes of this regulation, predominantly DA matters means a matter related to the execution of a specified or implied Army task not derived from a mission assigned by a non-Army agency DOD or a subordinate combatant command. The user does not have to read it to understand this publication.

Secretary of the Army. The time periods stated in paragraphs a and babove, must be observed in order to comply with requirements of Case-Zablocki Act 1 USC b. Additionally, a significant alteration in the operational capability or usefulness of a system to be cooperatively developed must be reported.

This regulation does not apply to the following: This regulation does not apply to the following:.

If the text of an agreement is not forwarded in a timely manner, the transmittal document shall fully describe the reasons for the late transmittal. The DOD representative who enters into the agreement shall cause such agreement to be reduced to writing.


Any instrument or arrangement involving 55051 likely to involve the release of classified military information, classified technology, or classified material must be treated under this regulation as an international agreement and not an other international arrangement. Activities that require that the United States bear no more than a fair and equitable share of the costs, proportional to its participation, such that the United States Government is not financially supporting the participation of any other force, except when such support is specifically permitted by applicable U.

Procedure that facilitates the application of orderly and uniform measures to the negotiation, conclusion, reporting, publication, and registration of U. This publication is availa. All copies of xr shall be stamped or accompanied by a memorandum, certifying that the text of the. If so, is the proponent vested with proper procedural and substantive authority to initiate the agreement process?

Significant negotiations include the negotiation of—.

AR 550-51 International Agreements

The process by which an international agreement or an other international arrangement between the Army or an Army element qr a foreign nation or international organization is conceived, proposed, negotiated, concluded, and implemented.

United States international agreements; transmission to congress Case-Zablocki Act Cited in paras 4 b 49 d. The proponent may delegate this approval Suggested improvements. Although it is against DA policy to enter into an oral international agreement, any xr agreement that meets the definition in subparagraph a 1 a through a 1 cabove, of this definition is an international agreement. There is no comprehensive list of subjects that fall within this category.

However, any agreement provision related to any of the following subjects should be regarded as presumptively policy significant—. Government is not financially supporting the participation of any other force, except when such support is specifically permitted by applicable U.


This major revision dated 2 May One copy of all signalsintelligence agreements. Such international agreements may fall within the delegated authority of the combatant command 550-5 not the authority delegated pursuant to this regulation. Copies of international agreements transmitted 5505-1 accordance with the above provisions of this paragraph shall be accompanied by a memorandum of transmittal containing the following information: Compliance with international agreements DODD Operation of the Defense Acquisition System.

Explanation of abbreviations and terms Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in the glossary. Assistant Secretary of the Army Civil Works. Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms ad listed in appendix A. This regulation is of a procedural nature only meaning that it only indicates 5550-51 may negotiate an international agreement and how such agreements are negotiated and does not constitute substantive legal authority to negotiate or conclude any international agreement.

Army Service Component Command. International agreements shall not be concluded by DA 550-551 in a foreign language text, unless the requirements in either paragraph 7 a or 7 bbelow are met:. United States officials who have been delegated the authority to approve amendments to, or extensions of, international agreements subject to this regulation shall negotiate and conclude amendments or extensions in accordance with the provisions of this regulation.

It is incorrect to assume that an 550-51 or arrangement that implements an existing international agreement is not itself an international agreement subject to this regulation.