While in a very silly mood nearly a decade ago, myself and a friend bought Katherine by Anya Seton for 75p from a market stall because we. I first read Katherine by Anya Seton when I was 13 – and it still works its magic on me. What about Katherine by Anya Seton, which is based on the life of Katherine Swynford? This is one of my all-time favourite historical novels; it’s absolutely.

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She should have focused solely on the romance between Katherine and John of Gaunt because it is truly an epic tale.

Katherine by Anya Seton (1954, Hardcover)

I like this review. A true love story,sigh! Tendai Huchu on Historical Fiction. The story is based around the actual discovery of a skeleton walled up in a fourteenth-century house called Ightham Setpn in Kent. John marries her off to one of his knights then regrets it because he falls in love with her.

The Best Historical Novels | Five Books Expert Recommendations

Additional Details Number of Volumes. Katherine was written inand the language has an anyx feel to i Unfortunately, this book didn’t quite live up to its 5 star! Katherine is initially married off against her wish to a brutish husband, whose faults include poverty that results from mismanagement of his estates.


Our Authors See all Authors. Also I can so relate to Ktherine by some events in my own life. I hope I enjoy them all this much. Seton was not born in the middle of October.

That’s very exciting — they had a lot of kids and their descendants got around but that is such an awesome thing to find out. After Hugh’s death, Katherine becomes the mistress of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and bears him four children out of wedlock, given the surname ‘Beaufort’ after one of the Duke’s possessions. Katherine has gotten off her high pedestal.

This book is amazing. Medieval romantics need not fear; this novel oatherine fat with surcotes, prie-dieux, jeweled coifs, emblazoned hanaps, and fearful gorge-swallowi Oh Sweet Lord. I will say this though — the Alison Weir book adds a lot of depth and interest to the story.

And yes, my first question was — WHY has no one ever made a film about their story???? It’s not clear because Seton isn’t clear in her mind what she’s doing here.

It is those kind of details that make these people come to life to me. Much of the novel is fictional although some history is also learned. It is also about the lady he loves, Merewyn — and what happens to her.


Olivia Laing on The Best of Autofiction. I have read neither, now I will have to. Your email address will not be published. Apr 01, Jill rated it it was ok Katherind Not even a cup o’ Malmsey. I wish there were more stars. Lincoln is a beautiful town and her body is laid to rest in the cathedral there.

Katherine by Anya Seton

Katherine comes to court as to join her sister as a servant to the queen. Anya Seton wrote some other good books, but make no mistake — this is her masterpiece.

Weir was inspired by Katherine to become an author of historical fiction, [9] [10] and the novel would also later inspire her non-fiction study, Katherine Swynford: View all 13 comments.

Emily Wilson on The Odyssey.