Anatheism has ratings and 17 reviews. Rex said: I am always hesitant to review books written for a conversation for which I lack basic accord. After. In Anatheism, Richard Kearney sets a path of returning to God “after God”. This is a road map for those who have moved intellectually away. So what is anatheism? Kearney describes it variously as a movement, a paradigm, an invitation, a wager, a drama; a position between, before.

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The kearnsy moment is one of creative ‘not knowing’ signifying a break with former sureties and inviting the forging of new meanings from the most ancient of wisdoms and the most basic of everyday epiphanies. I am entirely in agreement that religious dialogue is healthy, even necessary, but I question the validity of his preconditions.

Richard Kearney, Anatheism: Returning to God after God.

Anatheism has plenty of good points, as those to whose spiritual condition it directly speaks may testify. Shlomo September 1, at 4: DO you see it as a viable present?

Wilhelm rated it it was ok Jul 23, We actively and consciously entertain many conflicting ideas, though not all at the same time or in a monolithic way. He is someone whom I always read and never actually quote since his best function is to let you know what people are thinking and what is said at conferences. Major point I got was attention to the divine in the stranger with an emphasis on a weak and suffering God rather than a dominating, powerful God and a focus on a secular in the world God of life and enabling rather than of guilt and sin.


As an orthodox if somewhat latitudinarian C I am always naatheism to review books written for a conversation for which I lack basic accord. It could be insane.

Anatheism: Returning to God After God by Richard Kearney

I did not say that the 20th century was more religious or easier to be religious than now, I think the opposite. Aug 25, Tucker rated it it was amazing Shelves: At different points I wanted to argue, to sing doxologies, and mostly anathheism understand better. This site uses cookies. That is the wager of anatheism. Yet dogmas are uniformly passed over as dry, oppressive, and outmoded.

Full review here Any thoughts about applying anatheism to the post-secualrism all around us? Recently I have discovered the term anatheismwhich describes my experience with the world we have now.

Posted on August 26, by Alan Brill 14 Comments. anafheism

Richard Kearney on anatheism

As learney the rest of the book, I would give it a 1 or 2 stars. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Please elaborate on the difference between the current situation and the past.

The world from which it comes stands behind it as a remnant of something unknowable and the world before it is lit by threats of annihilation as powerful as love. If you are a militant atheist, the author also has a anqtheism words for you most notably in the “Epilogue”.


Otherwise why bother living…seclude anwtheism in a library until you drop. Anatheism hovers at the threshold before knocking or entering. Still, I suggest reading that chapter first, then you can read the rest of the book. This could however be due to the lack of scholarship and free thought in Muslim theology in the West.

The second kewrney of the book Interlude and Postlude details the third moment of Anatheism: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Any thoughts about applying anatheism to the post-secualrism all around us? For him each case brings forth from the Stranger a gesture for the promise of life, an epiphany of the divine.

EJ- How do deal with all these blogs that ostensibly live in the Torah world and treat the secular world in tourist way? In other words, ecologically speaking, the entire natural world from our eyes into light-years of stars is the God that we have mutilated while the sun is watching and the clouds float by. Oct 04, Daniel Seifert kkearney it it was amazing Shelves: Returning to God after God.