Naipaul’s controversial account of his travels through the Islamic world was hailed by The New Republic as “the most notable work on contemporary. Among the Believers is V.S. Naipaul’s classic account of his journeys through Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia; ‘the believers’ are the. The novelist VS Naipaul has caused an outcry by comparing the in the Muslim world for his books Among the Believers and Beyond Belief.

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He presents Muslims as people who are confused, muddled headed, ignorant and are not straight forward. It’s not perfect, it’s an amazing armchair journey and it’s still so relevant. All the people he meets in the second chapter Karachi Phantasmagoria,are more like projections of his own imagination and perceived ideas about Xmong and even if they are real they are among the many with whom he met for it is highly unlikely that he met only those whose life events served to justify his view. Despite Naipaul’s quite obvious bias, hhe can almost see the roots of Pakistan’s present-day troubles, at one level, being created on the pages in front of you.

Proyek-proyek yang dulunya dikerjakan oleh perusahaan-perusahaan asing kini mangkrak.

Among the Believers by V. S. Naipaul

Naipaul in his travelogue, Among the Believer, he consider himself as a reformer, who came to the land to civilize the people. Jun 04, Daniel E. Naipaul – Amog Susanto Pantau ?

maong Moreover, he is also very biased while explaining the situations of different offices, he visits. A traveler must not incorporate his own views, ideas and ideology in the travelogue but it is done consciously and unconsciously sometimes.


In addition to that Naipaul makes another careless comment about the gender distinction rampant in Pakistan while talking about a bathing ghat in passing which had separate doors for men and women with symbolic drawings of elephants and swans respectively.

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Is anyone interested in giving away their copy of this book? Global and local events have also amonng the way people’s bekievers have changed. Naipaul summarizes the understanding among those he meets as to what it takes to run successful “institutions”, “it’s as though the world is running itself.

Among the Believers

Mar 30, Ubaid Dhiyan rated it it was ok Shelves: While I enjoyed the book and his insights I felt that fs was lacking in some aspects. After the book’s publication, Naipaul was awarded the Jerusalem Prize. He portrays natives as irrational, illogic, lazy, unpunctual and extremist. Imitatio Christi means renouncing worldly ambition and seeking salvation by deeds of private virtue.

S Naipaul has been manipulative regarding religious conflicts,uncivilized people, poverty, disorder, mental agony and frustration, and indiscipline. The government, desperate for legitimacy, is turning towards Islam; the sharia is allowed, though never imposed. This was not just an astonishing feat of world conquest, comparable to the feats of Alexander and the Caesars: It may be not true because most travelers tend to confuse the Pakistani Pathans with the Afghanis.

A lot of very bitter criticism from someone with a bone to pick. He describes a native women as: In Naipaul published a sequel Beyond Belief: Naipaul presents the western civilization naipqul universal, believer in creative process and the Muslims bound to take help from them though they do not like their ideology.


The book focused mainly on Karachi which was a peaceful metropolitan then, now it’s one of the most unstable and violent areas of Pakistan with ethnic, sectarian and religious strife.

Onward Muslim Soldiers

In this chapter two women tales are told and both of them are manipulative and selfish. Both words have become part of the modern political vocabulary. Naipaul seems to have formed a thesis, naipail then gone about his travels having conversations and encounters to prove himself right.

Naupaul being a traveler is not aware of the lifestyle of the Gujars and authoritatively comments on their personalities and their human nature that are not known to him. The gentle and cultivated humanist is always in danger of exposure as a Hindu polytheist. Th was a journalist on the Morning News. Lists with This Book. I had to drag myself to finish, given my compulsion to beleivers books. He talks about Pakistani government based on religious policies as a self-destructive system with mayhem breeding at its center.

He is known for the wistfully comic early novels of Trinidad, the bleaker novels v a wider world remade by the passage of peoples, and the vigilant chronicles of his life and travels, all written in characteristic, widely admired, prose. They debate whether women should do this or that. He asks them beliefers their lives and their hopes for the future. Now, nearly 30 years after the book was published, one could argue that some of his predictions have come true.