MegaPower™ and ControlCenter™ are trademarks of American Dynamics When unpacking your new American Dynamics product, check for missing or. XProtect® American Dynamics CC Keyboard Smart Client Plug-in www. Page 2. Target Audience for this Document. Target Audience for. American Dynamics. Congress Avenue. Boca Raton, FL U.S.A. Customer Service. Thank you for using American Dynamics products. We support .

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If it isn’t one of the default values, you can try setting it to one of them. Tilt Mount with 2 Mount Heads. Views You can program up to views, each with a camera input number and either a preset number or a pattern number. Actual products may vary from photos. Illustra Flex Box Cameras. Also, defining authorized access to keyboards, ccc300 inputs, and video outputs further enhances system flexibility, this kind of system partitioning includes: Features Documents Resources Model Numbers.

Availability varies by region; contact your Regional Sales Manager. Wall Mount – Long.

Time and Date You can set the display to a 12 or hour clock. Already have an account? There are two red lights on near the upper right corner. Would anyone be able to lend some advice as to what to look for or try next? No Resources available at this time. AD keyboards provide user-defined macro keys that make even the most complex and demanding installations easy to manage.


Articulating Arm Wall Mount. Tours can be run forward or in reverse. I don’t know how to determine or set the site ID of the switch. DirectSet Allows you to quickly access and change fynamics camera settings either via an on-screen selection or simple keyboard command, without the need to access the dome menus.

American Dynamics CC300 Joystick Keypad CCTV Controller

IP Hard Surface Mount. See any errors on this page? Unplug the keyboard cable for a moment.

They may have reset when the fuse blew. The LEDs on the front of the unit indicate power status and system health. The port can expand to 4 ports with an optional port expander. Actual products may vary from photos. Transparent – Alarms are cleared after the alarm contact returns to its neutral state.

Outdoor Corner Bracket Adapter. Illustra Flex Bullet Cameras. Automatic Alarm Call-up You can program alarm inputs to call any video input to one or more video outputs. Pendant Wall Mount Cap. Product offerings and specifications are subject to change without notice. The monitors have video now, but while the MegaSwitch powers up the keyboard, it seems to be ignoring any commands I issue. The port is programmable for data rates amedican 9.


Time Out – Alarms are automatically cleared after a pre-defined dwell time of seconds. Discover Super High Resolution.

Power it back on for one minute, then power it off. Sign in Already have an account? Cameras, presets, patterns, views amwrican auxiliaries are all easily controlled.

Illustra Flex Wireless Cube Camera. SpeedDome Ultra Drone 3. Pendant Wall Mount Cap.

It never displays a menu. SpeedDome Ultra 8E 22x. Wall Mount – Long. SpeedDome Ultra 8E Bases.

American Dynamics ControlCenter Keyboard w/Power ADCCP

Posted March 29, Discover Super High Resolution. Menu access is passcode protected to prevent unauthorized access. T-bar Mount – Telescopic. Product offerings and specifications are subject to change without notice. The global alarm settings have 5 display modes and 3 clearance modes: I’m a general IT guy that’s handy in a few areas. They have a CC keyboard to control the output on eynamics monitors.