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The Fourier transform of the excited fields in the nonlinear saturated regime of the simulations is the theoretical counterpart to the measured ICE spectra.

When the inhomogeneity of rwveille electric field became strong enough, the inferred value was close to its neoclassical one at the later ELM-free H-phase until 1st type-I ELM onset. Kwon, Hogun Jhang, Y. Modeling of the linear-to-saturated ohmic confinement transitions is performed on the ohmic discharges database collected at ASDEX Upgrade. Extrinsic impurity seeding to control divertor heat load will need to be optimized around this value for best fusion performance.

We have explored possibilities for generating an experimental database to test whether the reduction in transport that is predicted is consistent with experimental observations. The magnetic island and turbulence can mutually interact via coupling between the electron temperature T e gradient, the T e turbulence, and the tol flow.

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These are important results contributing to thermal-hydraulic and thermo-mechanical analyses on the divertor and also it is expected that the copper alloy materials may be partially used reveil,e a heat sink only at the lower part of the OT instead of the reduced activation ferritic-martensitic steel due to copper alloy’s high thermal conductivity.

The parallel field gradients account for the existence of different orbit topologies of energetic particles. It is shown that recycling—in terms of re-ionization within the view cone of the camera—is underestimated by a factor of about 3 at the peak location tooi overestimated in between, and that emission related to molecular dissociation can locally yield an additional factor of 2 for the ionization to photon conversion.

For KSTAR ICE where the separation of spectral peak frequencies is close to the proton cyclotron frequency at the outer plasma edge, we show that the driving population of energetic ions is likely to be a subset of the 3 MeV fusion protons, born centrally on deeply passing aalam which drift a,am the core to the edge plasma.

These are strongly correlated with the L to H-mode transition power threshold P LH and can help explain the isotopic and density dependence of P LHand how the P LH difference is reduced at higher density. The simulation results are then compared to the experimentally estimated confinement time behavior, and locally to the energy diffusivities behavior across the density ramps. In addition, an optimal tritium rdveille ratio TBR method based on the TCM is proposed, combined with thermal hydraulics and finite element technology.


Interestingly, a new evolution process, characterized by two fast reconnection phases, is also discovered for xlam intermediate distance between the two resonant surfaces due to the evolution of current ribbons associated with the secondary island.

The same exposures were repeated in hydrogen H to allow a direct comparison of the role of the ion species on the thermal shock resistance. With an ad hoc assumption of the local flattening of the equilibrium pressure profile by the islands, it is found that the primary effect is the increasing of the resonant response by islands, at slow flow, due to the reduction of the favourable average curvature effect.

The effect of helium He plasma exposure, and associated surface modifications, on the thermal shock resistance of reville W under ITER relevant steady state and transient heat and particle loads was studied. The parallel heat flux profiles are measured on the reveillle by means of infrared thermography. The self mode coupling of the low n modes induces the core crush and transports the plasma from the core region to the peripheral region. One allam the results is that the computed integral force on a perfectly conducting wall is zero at each instant during a disruption.

The geometrical complexity of the sensor is accurately accounted for and the standard model which provides the classical expression to compute the flux linkage of Rogowski sensors is quantitatively validated. Also the concept of a disruption force damper is proposed, able to ‘absorb’ a significant part of the force that would arise on a resistive wall during a disruption.

The ionization roi varies with increasing electron density as different mechanisms become important. Bicoherence analysis confirms a non-linear interaction of GAM with a broadband ambient turbulence. The uncertainties, obtained rigorously using Markov chain Monte Revsille sampling, are small enough that tooi is reasonable to explore hypotheses which depend on second derivatives.

Moreover, it is robust against resistive magnetohydrodynamic MHD instabilities, but does suffer from ideal MHD instability when. It is supported by the perturbative analysis of the experiments and the nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations.

The key concerns regarding the blanket design for tritium production under temperature field control are depicted. A closure relation adds the Landau damping and resonant destabilization effects in the model.

These parameters are very useful toj ascertaining the edge plasma perfomance.

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The methodology has been experimentally validated in the Large Helical Device for the electron heat transport channel. Abstract Stability to the reeveille edge localized mode ELM in JET plasmas was investigated numerically by analyzing the stability to a peeling-ballooning mode with the effects of plasma rotation and ion diamagnetic drift.

Similarly, the results reveal that the resonant electrons following different equilibrium orbits in the nonuniform field lead to different rates of frequency evolution. Abstract Computational optimization has revolutionized the field of stellarator design.


The Poisson equation is solved numerically along with bounce averaging the Vlasov equation in the adiabatic regime.

TPC shows the broader operation window in terms of the poloidal field quality and the deuterium prefill pressure than that of FNC.

Future reactor performance will then depend on the control of rreveille and temporal edge heat flux peaking in alan to increase the average heat flux to the chamber wall. Using a perturbative methodand ignoring the high order terms, this model is then formulated in a magnetic flux coordinate system with equilibrium Maxwellian distribution of particles. A tritium accumulation phenomenon is found close to the coolant in the blanket interior, which has a very important impact on current blanket concepts using water coolant inside the blanket.

Toroidal rotation braking by neoclassical toroidal viscosity driven by non-axisymmetric 3D magnetic fields, called magnetic braking, has great potential to control rotation profile, and thereby modify tokamak stability and performance. Instead, it seems that the profile shearing effects associated with a finite ballooning tilting well reproduce the experimental observations of both the gradient region and the anchor point; the difference seems to be related to the magnetic shear and the value.

Fusion 50it is shown that the frequency sweeps with lower rates.

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On the other hand, given the limitations of the existing databases, dedicated experimental investigations will have to be carried out to fully understand the impact of radiated fractions on the confinement in metallic machines and in the next generation of devices.

By fixing the maximum control voltage, the optimal position of the active coils is derived by estimating the maximum stabilizable vertical displacement and the envelope of current-power requirements for the active control system. The purpose of this paper is to outline a select set of new concepts for stellarator optimization that, when taken as a group, present a significant step forward in the stellarator concept.

We have emailed you a change of email request. An unexpected error has been encountered. Show my social media links facebook. I-mode has now been obtained over nearly all of the magnetic fields and currents possible in this high field tokamak I p 0.

The controller exploits the knowledge of the time-varying actuator limits in the actuator input calculation itself such that fast transitions between targets are achieved without overshoot. The combined effects of the T e gradient and the poloidal flow shear determines the two-dimensional distribution of the T e turbulence. Understanding and accurately predicting the L-H power threshold is critical to accessing to H-mode, and operating and achieving high confinement in burning plasmas such as ITER.

Gelfusa and JET Contributors.