nnwiki A Deepness In the Sky; nowiki A Deepness in the Sky; plwiki Otchłań w niebie; rowiki Adâncurile cerului; ruwiki Глубина в небе; ukwiki Глибина у небі. A Deepness in the Sky has ratings and reviews. Matt said: In the ‘The Sixth Sense’, the character Malcolm tries to tell a story. Unfortunately. Adancurile Cerului. Editura: Nemira. Anul aparitiei: Continuarea aventurii incepute cu Foc in adanc. Castigator al premiilor Hugo, Campbell Memorial.

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The Peace Authority conquered the world with a weapon that never should have been a weapon–the “bobble,” a spherical force-field impenetrable by any force known to mankind. There is exactly one character in common, Pham, and his actions and …more This isn’t a sequel and is barely a prequel.

The story alternates with another narrative that is initially very confusing. An interesting variation on a science fiction theme I am especially fond of, the first-contact story. The arachnid aliens are much better than the hivehounds of the last book: View all 10 comments. More adancurille just a great science fiction adventure, A Deepness in the Sky is a universal drama of courage, self-discovery, and the redemptive power of love.

Charles Stross Halting State Editura: But the dystopia here–and Fire has one too–is a human one. This was not a cheap manipulation. Instead, I loved every second of it and have since enthusiastically recommended it to friends. Empires and republics alike crumble under the weight of corruption, stagnation, or the simple stress inherent in managing a civilization separated adancurilf light-years. As the Emergents and Qeng Ho arrive, that is about to change.

This second novel by multiple award-winner Vernor Vinge, fromis a fast-paced adventure where galactic policies collide and different cultures clash as two scientists and their faith in technology are pitted against an elusive race of telekinetic beings.

Foc în adânc – Wikipedia

However, if you want some help with ramscoop, localizer and podmaster you may want to check out this Reddit thread. The two sides have joined forces to visit the OnOff star, a bizarre solar system that alternates 40 years of warm “on” time, when its sole planet becomes inhabitable, with years of dark “off” time when even the atmosphere freezes and precipitates out of the sky.


Which is not to say that this book doesn’t also have a strong dose of stupid, the main one being a star that turns itself on and off. An anthology of new, original award-caliber stories by bestselling SF authors inspired by SF great Frederik PohlIt isn’t easy adancurlle get a group of bestselling SF authors to write new stories for an anthology, but that’s what Elizabeth Anne Hull has done in this powerhouse book. After decades of confusion, many of the field’s best writers have been returning to the subgenre called, avancurile, “hard SF”-science fiction focused on science and technology, often with strong adventure adancurlie.

Not ordinary, but not unrealistic; there have been dozens like him, possessed of or by the force that drives Napoleon off his island, Washington over the river, Alexander everywhere.

They are all the characters who must die to prove the situation is serious. Underhill’s family is at the centre of the same kind of social and political turmoil we’ve seen so often in human society, particularly in this past century.

Carti vernor vinge

Mass Market Paperbackpages. A Fire Upon the Deep is the big, breakout book that fulfills the promise of Vinge’s cerulii to date: This leads to a humdinger of a climax and an Uplifting ending!

crului There is also plenty of good old-fashioned scheming and political maneuvering among the humans. Focus is a tamed virus that increases the neurological connections in its victims’ brains, causing them to become very competent in one area, like linguistics, at the expense of most of their social and interpersonal skills.

For Smith, the investigation seems pointless.

I especially liked Sherkaner Underhill; he’s probably the reason I kept going at the beginning. Adventure in SF in the Grand Tradition. Chip Morningstar and F. Founder of thinking machines and the first Disney Fellow. This is one of my favorite books. Vinge does not rely much on hand-wavium to make his technology and plots work. There’s a lot of hurt here.

Among them is the action climax of the novel, the aforementioned starship crash. The last two hundred pages could have easily stretched to be double that, and I think that I would have felt more satisfied with the conclusion had it had a little more detail to it. As a result, the various alien subplots were sometimes tedious reading. In contrast, A Deepness in the Sky unifies some of the same tropes—as well as new ones—to create a compelling story and pathos for the plights of the characters.


They smile, frown, sigh, and steeple their fingers in contemplation. This is not a book to hand to somebody who’s never read SF before, or has only read a little, unless they also happen to be very well-versed in science. It has characters you can care about, conflicts that end in messy and flawed resolutions, and a sense of futility regarding the longevity of human societies tempered by the reassurance that, regardless of era, humans are as wonderful and surprising as they are selfish and destructive.

We don’t care enough to try and find out, and the author doesn’t offer any kind of rational explanation for it. Vernor Vinge Author True Names: If you’re like me and triggered by deception, manipulation, and oh, rape with bonus memory-erasure What’s more–I’m not convinced the surprise value was quite worth it.

The characters are really quite fantastic, and, though they are a lot of them, Vinge makes them all stand out; it’s nearly impossible to confuse even the minor characters–even after you haven’t heard from them in pages. The Qeng Ho and the Emergents arrive simultaneously at a strange star that flares into brilliance for a few decades and then goes dormant for centuries in a perfectly regular cycle.

Equally incompetent are the handling of an early, mandatory scene in which the bad guys are revealed to be sadistic perverts, and various other scenes of violence, cruelty or complex action — frankly, the author is too squeamish to write them properly, and he shouldn’t even have tried.