There were also a series of PC games which are obviously descended from this ST:TSCS, the Starfleet Command series, which are both well. The original version of ACtA:SF was published in hardback print back in , as part of a joint venture agreed between Amarillo Design. ACTA Starfleet – Federation Nebula Class. Recently I purchased three Furuta Star Trek Nebula class ships off eBay. They are a decently.

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Mongoose sells a huge variety of ships encompassing all of the major powers in the Alpha Quadrant such as the Federation, Romulans, Klingons, Knitzi, Gorn, Orions, and Tholians. But since your weapons can only fire once per round, generally, you really have to decide whether to use your phasers to shoot incoming torpedoes and drones or to let the shields soak up the damage and reserve your weapons for offensive volleys. Nov 21, Location: A more polished “deluxe” edition will be presented in the New Year, in both print and online formats.

The focus is more on resource management than anything, which makes for a slow slog of a game. Afta Fleet gets rid of the boring parts of all of its ideological predecessors while retaining almost all of the good stuff. In case satrfleet is interested in hearing more about the development process for version 1. Sign me up in the service of the Federation.

Revision C of the ACtA: SFthis week’s Star Fleet Universe On Call podcast on Talkshoe will have Steve Cole the founder and head of ADB and Tony Thomas the current line developer for this game system calling in to talk about syarfleet game and to field questions asked by callers-in.

I really liked this version, and FASA had some bad ass miniatures to go with it, which added quite a bit to the fun of the game. Additionally, playing more than one ship per side is a little daunting, although not as difficult as Star Fleet Battles.

ACTA Trek Scenario – The Battle for Deep Space 4

STCS was, in essence, a modified version of BattleTech rules designed for space, and they worked surprisingly well. Its goal was to take Mongoose’s A Call to Arms game engine which had been used for Babylon 5 and Noble Armada adaptations, and has been re-worked for the wet-navy Victory at Sea system and use it to represent larger starship engagements in the Star Fleet Universe.


If you were stationed in Charlie Sector, you knew you had done something wrong, the slow road to promotion. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The core game, though, with just power allocation, movement, and shooting, is actually not as complex as many would have you believe, but it still takes an awful long time for two cruisers to vaporize one another. Further, they are coming out with these bad ass little reference cards which allow easy book-keeping via dry-erase.

You will find that the ease of play has been retained so large battles can be handled quickly. There were also a series of PC games which are obviously descended from this ST: Along with Federation Commander came an update of the Starline Series miniatures towhich are much nicer metal miniatures with fine details. No, create an account now.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet – version 1.2

You can buy it now on our store. Star Flee t version 1. Plasmas have also been tweaked, but are still resolved in a single turn.

SF does what a lot of space games do but in a distinct, unique way, and this is the only simple, approachable one that truly gives you the Star Trek feel.

Excellent – I am looking forward to it – The starvleet and beer will be on me!

Qo’nos is visible here as well as Rura Penthe, and the Federation and Tholian purple boarders. Posted by Paco G. Release is expected in November of Starfleeh in ‘ Trek Gaming ‘ started by NerrothNov 12, But the map works fine without these for now and is ready to map out the ongoing campaign.

The Orion Nebula can be seen in the middle of this image i.

This is done by simplifying everything. There has been extensive playtesting of this version. The game has been extensively re-worked in order to fix certain issues and imbalances that had cropped up stsrfleet the prior edition, as well as to better represent various concepts in play for other SFU games such as Star Fleet BattlesFederation Commanderand the Star Fleet adaptation to Starmada ‘s Admiralty and Nova editions.


Now for wrathNow for ruinand the Red Dawn: Cardassian Fleet for ACTA Starfleet

Paired with the fact that any two smaller ships will outmatch one larger one. The “basic” part is due to this file, for now, being a PDF upload only. Your name or email address: And then things started to change, the listening post at Septimus Prime went silent, probably a glitch said the techs and a repair party was dispatched to investigate. There are no shield facings in ACTA: The major planets stand out quite well on the map, and the major nebulas are the coloured hexes.

I think, had they kept the moving and shooting impulse system, that this game would be the ultimate Star Trek space battle game. The Vega colonies are at the top of this image starfelet well. SF file went up today, incorporating the first wave of errata line items generated in public so far.

Instead of the normal six facings in every previous game in the Star Fleet Universe, this game boils it down to four 90 degree sections. The Badlands are the coloured hexes Some of the Klingon government provinces can also be seen. Well, that didn’t take long: We found that one of the hardest things to really master is the judgement of when to attack and when to withhold for defensive fire. I also got a couple of singles that looked pretty bad ass.

The Core Rulebook

Your chief engineer is handling that, leaving you to fight the battle. Screwed up once too often — Charlie Sector! Do you already have an account? In fact, the first hobby spaceship I ever owned was a Starline series, bought with my own money, in Philadelphia.

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