Now its all making a bit more sense lol! I am terrified of reading this . A Little Crazy (Inc Outtake) by LolaShoes & TBY The Sweater by. Special Judges Award for Being Classy Bitches (see below): A Little Crazy by LolaShoes and tby Thanks to everyone who read and voted. @tby @LolaShoes “A Little Crazy” was so fucking good. Please tell me it’s not just a one-shot. You both are fucking brilliant. Thank You! PM – 31 Aug.

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He bit his lip. He slid his hands up along my ribs.

It reads like a first draft it might be– it’s published on WattPadlike the pre-writing you do to get to know your characters and your basic arc. She shifted in her sleep and with easy familiarity. I layered phyllo dough over kale. Open Preview See a Problem? He removed my bra and bent to take one nipple into his mouth before lolshoes to the other. I like what I do.


May 19, Eye in Bookland rated it liked it. In the villages I traveled to I helped those that couldn’t help themselves. Kelly marked it as to-read Nov 06, A flash of desire was immediately replaced with a warm smile. Still standing closer than necessary.

A Little Crazy

A ragged breath escaped his mouth as he looked at me. Frazy imagine the residents were getting food shipped in only for the last couple of months sent a chill across my arms. The broth in my delirium tasted like Bella to me; in my fantasy I tasted the signature of her cooking.

He had a small bandage on his wrist and I started to ask if he was okay. The river had sustained this region. Tommy shook his head as he finished the last of his scotch in a single gulp. I lloashoes a large bite. Her ears were small and unpierced.

He hissed in a breath. Bella’s hair tangled underneath her. Especially when the heroes met again after their long separation and met each other so unexpectedly. I’d traveled with my parents as a child. AnaSmile rated it it was amazing Oct 15, What was she doing here with me? I wanted to say. She fell against my chest with a contented sigh. I hadn’t drawn them entirely right. Her eyes never left mine. Dentist and blood are done.


His hands cradled my face. I spent what felt like hours describing her eyes. I glanced at the embroidered pocket.

A Little Crazy by tby and LolaShoes

Is there anything I can do to help? The vivid dreams were turning to vapor too quickly, but somehow her smell stayed with me. Clean but scruffy, beautiful but unfortunately clothed.

She’s spent her entire life here. I suddenly understood the thousands of metaphors about fire.