GIANTEC 93 series EEPROM products work well under stable voltage within . This program is based on GIANTEC Micro Wire EEPROM 93C46 and Keil C 93C46 Technical Data, x8(1k) Serial CMOS EEPROM Datasheet, buy 93C M93C56, M93C 16Kbit, 8Kbit, 4Kbit, 2Kbit and 1Kbit (8-bit or bit wide). MICROWIRE® Serial Access EEPROM. FEATURES SUMMARY.

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Yes, my password is: The question here is as follows: Look up SPI for those details.

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The 93c46 on the circuit board has the pin 5 and 6 connected through a 13,7 KOhm, and other connections: Your name or email address: I suppose that that SPI in there was meant to write and read in the 93c I have given the actual pins translated from your pin nos. I will try to reformulate the case. It was allowed for the content to be read but within a special application.

If you have to use this you need to use the resistors as in the AN, you need to write a bit bang SPI taking care of timing requirements! Pin 4 of the IC goes through I will get the pins layout soon. It needs some sort of controller to use it as it works over a serial interface. DI and DO together. Pin 3 of the IC is connected to the junction between Mar 19, 9.


I have the circuit board with a 93c46 eeprom which through an 8 pin connector is linked to the main board. Have you tried typing “Arduino SPI” into an interweb search engine?

Basically, this helps in 93f46 one IO Pin. I think it would be helpful for me to find a simple application using a SPI.

93C46 EEPROM for Atari Jaguar cartridge PCBs

I need to identify each of the 8 pins of the other circuit and see eepfom connections need to be done. I am looking for a link or a simple application to be used in reading the data of a eeprom type 93C46 circuit used for counting the number and duration of activations of a 12V DC power source. And this one I’d like to adapt to a 12Vdc installation.

Mar 20, The 93C46 is a memory element. I have also an Arduino Eleven or Uno equivalent with 4 related terminals: Mar 16, 1.

93c46 Eeprom Writing/reading Help

No, create an account now. Mar 16, 4. Mar 18, 7. Mar 19, 8.


Thank you for the reply. For the command streams sent to 93C46 all start, cmd or opcode, addrwhen they are not multiples of 8 bits, then you can pad it up with 0 at the beginning.

Mar 23, Mar 16, 11 0. I’m still waiting for some more suggestions. Mar 17, 5. The rest of connections not related to this circuit. The problem is still in the interface from 3 control pins to 4 control pins of Arduino Eleven. The circuit containing the IC should be re-usable as is.

I was wondering if there is not an applcation similar to my case or maybe we’ll declare as new descovery. And the nF is the decoupling cap.

Mar 22, I can not split the pins 3 and 4.